6* Yumiko burn X 5* red Romanov Burn - bug?


When 5* red blowtorch Romanov kills a target with his AR, the burn jumps to an adjacent enemy unit right away.

When 6* Yumiko kills a target with her AR, the burn vanishes, there’s no jump to the adjacent unit. Her burn needs to stick on an alive unit for at least 1 turn to be able to jump to adjacent units.

What is the correct Burn mechanic ? One of those two is bugged based on how the skill was designed to work. Does the AR target needs to stay alive to allow the burn to jump to adjacent units?


I brought this up on the old forum and never got a response.

Similar things happen with confuse and Priya vs 6* Shiva. If Shiva kills on AR, two other enemies become confused, but when Priya kills on AR, you lose one of her confuses.



@Dash @CombatDevIl


It is a :space_invader: :wink:


Yumiko burn AR or Romanov burn AR is a :space_invader: ? lol


I will double check with designers, because it is a data :space_invader:, not code :slight_smile: (how they built both ARs).


Cool, thanks !


Yumiko’s is the wrong one.


Thanks for the info. Can we expect a fix for it soon ?


To be honest, I can’t answer that because that’s another department. So I don’t know. :confused:


I understand
Knowing that the responsible department is aware of the bug is good enought for now, i hope they fix Yumiko’s AR asap lol
Thanks for the help and for the info


If it’s not already in the system I can add it!


So yumiko is gonna get a buff when the bug is fixed. Thats awesome! Love my Yumiko