6* Wyatt Showcase

Hey all if you got a Wyatt 5* or 6* post him in the comments lets see what teirs he is at and what his weapon stats are have fun heres mine

I have his 6* version C3.
Nothing on his weapon LMAO, armory is co*ky with me

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Could i see him just want to see what he looks like 6* version cant wait to ascend him just need 2 more goggles then 6 more for teir 2

you can hit the view 6* in top left to view the 6*, fully maxed out he looks pretty cool. I imagine him to talk like this guy:

Will need @mamadeadhead to translate for me


Oh yeah ik but i want to see like teir 3 or teir 2 of him just really cant wait for it lmao


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I have him at 6* Tier3, here you go:

The difference between Tier3 and Tier4 is pretty big - goes from Fisherman to serial killer real quick.


Omg thanks lockdown love ya😘

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I think of him speaking like this: https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/paladins_gamepedia/c/c3/Viktor_SP_Taunt_2.ogg

True shit but his max stats for 6* is hella op all the same

Prolly with a bit of a accent to it but yea sumting like that

I originally thought the same and when my brother said he would use him on attack I thought it would be a mistake… until I tested him. I have 2 vs. 5 vs. S4 teams with him and 6* Zeke/6* Shiva and his weapon is not upgraded yet. He makes other characters almost unkillable.

Fully tanked 6* Dwight rush with one of his attacks double hitting too. tankyness is insane. If only he had taunt on the rush still would be insane.


I have to ask, what does Closed Captioning say for that dude lolol.

haha I would think not much lol. there are no subtitles unfortunately, it would probably be hilarious though.

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That’d be a fun thread. “Who does that toon sound like?”


Haven’t ascended mine yet. Just not sure about him tbh. It’s his weapon that bothers me. I highly doubt I have enough items left to put anything decent on it.

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Ran into a ton of wyatt this war and I can tell you he is more annoying and more worth it then barker and negan six stars. Totally makes fights longer


He does make fights longer but I’ve yet to see him be a reason to lose. Dual Shiva is as challenging as melee gets right now.


i agree. still just a big punching bag that sits there and dies after he gets hit with stun on attack. never lost even one toon to him

I think that he will be great when
AR is at lvl when he is adding blue Hp
You upgrade the spear to stun on attack
Active on lvl when tounts for 2 turns

Upon those circumstances I will be using him on defense team.

I will trash 10 DT and Pk just for that stun!! :laughing: