6* Wyatt ascension: Worth it?

Been on the fence about ascending Wyatt. Can folks that have ascended him and used for attack /def provide some feedback?


If you feel like getting his weapon on par. Since is spear and not able to use premade …
He sucks the life out of DT/pk

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I use mine on def and attack. Taunt for 2 turns is nice. Plus health bonus and def bonus

Ascend him only if 1. you already have 6* Carl 2. If you’re able to max his AR 3. If you’re able to mod his weapon

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Have you had more defenses since ascending him?

If he is someone you need to beat yellows or use his rush to control how much damage u would take then ascend him. Other then that i have him really basic with 30 attack and 30 defense and very large ap(tried for huge but didnt crit) just to have a filler for whenever i need the green punching power.