6* wanderer now working as intended 🤔

Idk about this because it seems literally every g2 zeke on an enemy’s team gets a crit every single turn this crw

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Enemy team always have advantages, it’s for the balance, you know :face_with_monocle:. What about your team or road tournament, or blue Michonne/Bruce?

D’oh. Brainfart post, I stand corrected. The bug was indeed about the targets not affected by damage.

I still think they should change the whole mechanic. A shields purpose is to block damage. Not fiddle around with debuffs.

The damage and the debuff of an AR should be separate instances. And guardian shields should only interact with the damage instance. If it was programmed to this way, we would not have had the bug with Wanderer. Also this behaviour would be much more consistent.

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I got that but since they changed his AR it’s just dumb to put it like that.
His debuff is now DMG only meaning it won’t get applied most of the time because of shields/RNG. (it’s what I’m noticing)
His trying to sell the idea that the Wanderer is indeed better & more balanced now which is false and surely most don’t believe it either.
They can go ahead and monitor my middle finger for all I care cuz we all know he WON’T get changed back and more NEW SHINNY PREMIERS will steal the spotlight.


Tru Screenshot_20180715-121913 many shinny indeed

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I remember this. It was right at the beginning of the 6⭐️ era. I had been using Victor as my 5⭐️ lead, and suddenly his debuff stopped working against guardian shields. It was a pretty big scandal at the time, because the mechanics changed with an update and the patch notes said it was a bug fix. The general attitude was that it was a nerf. Not long after that the devs started work on this: :alert: :tough: :fast: :strong: Combat Reference Guide [Updated w/ Weapon Effects] which is awesome. I really wish it was being kept up to date.

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I definitely wish @CombatDevIl and @CombatMan would make a comeback and started replying in that thread again. So many fishy things amongst the combat mechanics, they should definitely take a closer look.


They are all either working on migration or other games that require less up keep

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Honestly? I assume they got a bonus when scopely got its last round of funding, then quit.

Honestly i think that is the plan. Get everyone to quit out of frustration.


Good luck with that wish. Thinking “gag order” was put in place after the Michonnegate incident. Sad but true.

Not sure what you are talking about. ^^

Pretty much the devs got real quiet after Michonnegate, nuff said

Its not as hard as you would think. Keep releasing more new op and more op toons. String your ftp player base along by slowly releasing ftp toons. Implement new features that are bugged and broken with no plan to fix. Cut off all communication with the player base. Drive the ftp out with no hope of completing at the same level of the spenders. As ftp dwindel away regions become dead leaving only spenders that eventually get bored and quit. Game death. If this seems far fetched just look at those dead regions that cant even fill for blitz war. Then think of that on a game wide scale. All the while open new regions to squeeze every dime out of new players that quickly get frustrated with the inability to even do basic things like level toons with the strangle hold on gear. Think they wont do it im sorry they already are.


They wouldn’t be making money if they just straight up shut down the servers, which is why they could be trying to kill the game by making f2p players quit first and then make ridiculous offers (Not like these aren’t ridiculous enough) that even the p2p players quit or just nerfing pretty much all good characters, that would do it too.


Scopley has many other games they put out. Combined they are more profitable and easier to maintain than this one. They have broken this game chasing dollar signs and with no communication from developers other than pumping out new promos. Keep them spending as long as they can. So far its still working but not for much longer. I know many high spenders that are no longer going to continue supporting such a broken game.

They rarely make good offers, so that would be off the table. By the way things are going now, it looks exactly like what they are trying to do is make people quit.

To do that would not bring them more money. Fleecing the player base for every last dime while they can is kill game procedure. Sure FTP are quitting at a record pace but thats not losing them money. That wont come till spendes either quit spending or have no one to fight. Till then the bogus offers will keep popping up and toons will keep getting dropped. To just shut down servers with a large amount of players still playing game wide and making either large purchases or small ones or just watching vids and doing offers opens them up for so many lawsuits not just by players that the new TOS protects them from but by investors and advertisers. They cant shut down till the player base drops low enough to allow that. So they keep putting shiny new broken things out to keep people buying till there are not enough people left to financially support keeping the game going.

He was to good for ftp. #TRUTH


Give us back the ‘bugged’ wanderer!

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