6* vs S Class Museum

So here is my question… would you rather grinds out a year to get a S Class toon version after grinding out 2 6* toons to get to them to 6* T4 or you rather just collect the 1 6* toon and just move on to another 6* toon?

Beside the stats… is there any benefits?

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I find S class toons have all new abilities, they can do the job of 2-3 6* which makes them more adaptable to different situations. It really depends on the toon though - some of the s class will be viable for longer than others and it can be a tough decision figuring out which toons those will be

Realistically we will need to choose to to go for…if you want S Class…you will have to sacrifice most of the other options. I have Priya close to S Class (300 tokens to go) but that’s it that’s close…raulito and aarav maxed 6*, would love S Class Aarav but I’m not hopeful.

Also still need 3k tokens for Pete so I’m at a loose end.

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Most S Class are better in every way to their 6* counterparts. The usually have better active skills, their leader skills are better, rushes get some good improvements and the stat boost is really a no brainer. It takes a bit to get the S Class, but you’re gonna have to get them sooner or later anyways. So start now


If not talking about stats…

Most Sclass toons have a huge boost in abilities when upgrading to Sclass. Hengyen gives significantly more bleed, stuns 2 rather than 1 and his AS activates early. Guo goes from +30% ap boost to +60% ap boost which is a massive buff. Laopo no longer has to hit the middle toon and her AS actually ends up damaging Doc teams unlike before where it only tickled them. Daiyu gets an extra turn of stun which makes the difference between a stun lock and no stun lock. Etc.

The Sclass upgrade is certainly about more than just stats.


Sclass… I got Pete through grinding ass off for them keys. Working on Henygen thanks to winning 2 lvl ups and taking 2md in a 3rd…

As for getting other toons I got Aarrav and Laopo purely cos ended up having the cards for both without really trying… point being go for s calss and odds are can collect others along the way by being active

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