6* vs 5* era which one was worse?

Which was more frustrating and worse? i havent played game when 5 stars were around so what was it like?

I think the 5* Priya era was most frustrating. I still get flashbacks to “Riposte of Confusion” popping off…


why dont these fing idiots ever nerf or buff toons?

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like was she the only bad one?

5* days were the best. And i mean old 5* days. Where you didnt have a 5* token wheel. And thats coming from someone who wasnt in a top 3 war faction (5* rewards for top 3). Anniversary events were awesome, michonne head event. Telltale events. Much better back in the day. Definately when there was no armory too


6*’s easily, finally got a badass turn one team that was wrecking six stars left, right and center and boom effectiveness killed

6*s would’ve been somewhat fine if they didn’t get that massive stat buff because Scopely thought that’d be necesarry.

6* era is just cancer so fuckjng much.
5* era was cancer too but not as much as 6*.
5* era was better…


I remember when 3* were the norm, 4* was for really good players, and 5* were pretty much unheard of.

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The best days were when your team was awesome if you saved enough sp for andrea


Chuck lead glenn denise siddiq :joy:

3x Andrea with basically any shield and revive. Never forget.

I never had the privelage of a revive or shield. Shield came on my third region after 2 years of playing. I think i got green siddiq after a year

Usually Andreas with Lee shield were my nightmare.


there were like 2 toons that were annoying but now there are more i think with 6s. were revives and healers as bad?

But nobody remembers when 6* were being introduced and there stats were already in the mid 2ks and they nerfed before they even came out.

In beta they nerfed them to a nice level because we complained. They they went live and buffed them. Claasic.

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The best for me the 5* era with the +AP stack to one toon bug (ended with the introduction of kate for war reward/was also fixed some month for a short period before).
Burned all eight camps under four minutes. :fire:
The worse priya introduction and not long ago the lydia introduction, because everything turned to be more tanky and revive everywhere.

Purely on power creep alone we seem to have reached a new low where the arms race has accelerated at break neck speed.

The 5* era creep was bad toward the end but nothing like we’ve seen recently, the current power creep is insane and moving at ridiculous pace

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As a player?

Five star era was the best much much more variety but also came with not many being handed out at the same time exspecially the good ones. Loved the combinations and the guessing game for and from opponents would had been loads more fun IMO if mods were out then which would had mean you can really fuck things up. Spending was hardcore then just to get that next new toon to go with a new build as you really didn’t need a revive and shield to have a great defense in those times but of course the power creep change that up over time.

The six star era for me was awful and still looks awful long after I quit. Why? Slow ARs made the game take too long plus the excitement of what could happen was lost too because it requires too much just to make a untouchable defense with six stars and looks to still be the case. The readily available of different varieties of six stars is absolutely a joke even still like how many times am I going to read that a new 40 hp and 40 def lead skill and 40 att, hp, def with huge while defending comes out? It’s just wack city. All the other stuff that came after six stars I can’t comment I quit before mods came out but am sure am not far from the scope of things either.

As far as my opinion of what scopely done in these eras?

Far as five star era, stronger stronger faster faster with some special abilities like confuse, taunt, revive, bonus hp, while specialist skill like indomitable and human shield that were great but separate which was good because it made it more like fitting the right puzzle together while some old five stars can fit into the mix from time to time. But the way scopely made it was making a lot of attacking characters readily available f2p (eagle eye Andrea being a example) so the main focus was about getting the best defense which was behind a pay wall so people would sell their soul for a human shield when ever it was promo and other annoying toons after that for defense.

Six stars seem to more about passing out a bunch of defense like characters(not saying that all of them are amazing because most are not imo) and making the chase on obtaining great attacking characters like decap and disarm. Ofc better defense characters will always be sought after and that’s a given but the handicap of characters that are obtaining is insane given that you need fooder, medals, and loads of resources just to have one character on top of spending money.

Sorry if this was all over the place just being a lil too passionate about it. I can be off the mark for some people reading this but that’s how the experience has shown me.