6* Vincent, Attack or Defense?


Is he better on attack or defensive melee teams?


I would say he’s viable on defense as a carl replacement.
Not as good but good enough for those that unlucky enough to not pull carl (like me).


I would say attack but im gonna experiment w him on defense in duels to see what happens.


I mean, either way, your toons will be attack, right? Slap the best defensive stat and special on your weapons with hugh bonus to AP on attack or defense and go wild. Like Jack said. You’ll probably be using him because there’s not many options for a melee team with a 6* leader.


I’m just gonna go with 30% defense, huge bonus to AP when attacking and absolute defense. Its a problem to get huge AP and absolute defense. It’ll probably take me a year just to get this type of weapon lol


He is more of a defense toon not a very good one but can do the job if you lack carl you just will have to set the weapons up right and add extra hp and defense. Nothing wrong with using him on attack with his leaderskill where u would gain ap a bit faster.


Lol if you’re going for him better have good weapons. He doesn’t make a difference on any team. Be wiser and go for gear.