6 v 8 war concept

Some factions prefer 6 player war and some prefer 8 player, so why not just let a team, if they want, start a war with either 6 or 8? 6 prompts two super easy generic camps to bring it to 8 camps. It puts 6 player factions at a disadvantage, but at least means an event can start sooner and 8 player teams can quickly scoop up points and less active factions don’t have to wait forever to get the 8th of 8 players to start a war that might be over in 2 minutes anyway.


Would speed up search times considerably

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It would also give less points to the other faction because you cant get 8 to signup.

6v6 would be perfect for lower factions but not for top factions who need 8v8, there is blitz which I love but you have to keep both happy, tough one

Should of read your post properly yes that is a great idea if the 2 spare spaces can award points to the opposition

Bigger and more active factions can fill 8 with no issues so what will happen is 8 actives against 6 actives…the 6 are just at a disadvantage. A better idea is to have multiple queues surely at 6v6? Smaller factions can fill the one 6 easier, while bigger factions can have two fills running

Would never work. They’ll have another bug where a 6 gets paired with an 8.

Need to consider scoring differences and how this may not be good for the ‘competitive’ part of the game. Do you want to constantly get stuck in 35k match ups while trying to catch someone pulling 50k match ups constantly?

Imo equal footing is generally best approach. I wouldn’t be against allowing 2 ghost teams. But how would you define the ghost defenses?

maybe copies of the enemy teams generals as ghost teams :smiley:

Yea I’d be ok with ghost teams… but that could actually be an advantage if your gens have good defenses.

Copies of gen teams minus the wep and mods… penalty for not meeting fill requirements

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Nooooo our leaders are very strong and the rest of us are very average, worst team copied would be fairer

Spot on Tyrus

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