6* Tyrese or Yumi


I need your help.
Which one is more useful in an offense Team with Mira lead?
I cant decide


Tyreese, definitely imo. I find the decapitate very helpful.

I like the confuse that Yumi has, but it’s to one enemy.


I don’t really know what happened there ^^^^^



Maybe fu from “useful”


I have done both Ty and Abe, have Yumi but I am not sold on her yet (also still leveling her 5*) But Tyreese at tier 3 level 80 has a 1,800 attack stat, add Mira as lead and a military shotgun, he will kill all the Yellows and prevent them from returning. Abe has Indomitable , taunt and gives self defense so he seemed like a no brainier. I hope this helped


I’d do both. Yumiko is just as strong as Ty in terms of stats, her damage upon rushing is around 1200 where Ty would do 2600+ but still the 300 burn damage can’t be get rid of I think, maybe Eugene can but it works nice!


Burniko all day long


Agreed. Hoping for a 2 nd Yumiko.


Yumiko >> Tyresse all day.
She is vastly superior


Both have their plus sides. I use both in my main attack team. I think I prefer Yumiko as her Burn destroys so many people for me. it is great for those annoying zero damage Negans. but either will be a great toon. Ty’s decapitate and line damage is great.
Dont rate either of their active skills.


Yumi have a fast AR but i think that the 250% Damage dont kill the 2 enemies immediately.
Its a hard decision.


Both are listed as “Damage” toons
However Tyreese is a true DPS while Yumiko is more like an all around DPS with utility.

If you can only pick one, Tyreese is better since you don’t need to level his Active Skill.

Burniko needs her Active Skill at turn 2.

Burniko also has a special weapon, which is a major pain to deal with. You can slap existing weapons on Tyreese and start killing just about any team immediately


I’d prefer Yumiko. Especially against Carl led teams with heavy defensive weapons, even Tyrese’s rush wont inflict much damage. But Yumiko’s burn damaage running over 3 turns causes more trouble.

Also I lover her confuse active skill, which kicks off at turn 2 and could prove to be a great counter for all those annoying stun shields.


What does BURN damage do anyway? What’s the difference between that and Bleeding?


It’s pretty much similar to bleeding in the way it causes damage. Only difference is if the toon who is being “burned” dies and one more turn of burn remains, it shifts to another character.


Also, some toons will recover bleeding with their AR (eg., 4* fast denise). There are a lot fewer toons able to remove burn (eg., Tripp).


Yumiko is the perfect pair with a mirabelle lead…mirabelles stun activates yumikos cuttthoat specialist. Extra 30% attack is very useful.


Depends on your region, if there are a lot of revivers in the enemy teams I would go with Tyresee. Also, Tyrese AR is almost insta kill on must toons.


I went for Yumi, i actually dont see many of her and i like it, we are inundated with Mira and Ty, and Carl’s almost to the point where it makes me want to vomit. be original people. Oh and dont forget many of these are form viktor-gate whether they want to admit it or not.


Ty or wait for another legendary toon to be released. I like his decapitate and he has a powerful ar