6* Tye, Potential 2100 Burn Damage to All

The new 6* Tye is the second Tye to come into the game, the other being a Fast 4* character, and his rush has a lot of potential doing 700 burn damage for 3 turns to one character and all adjacent - so potentially all enemies.

While this may sound powerful teams will be able to cleanse, heal and obviously kill their opponent before burning to death - quite like when Lacerator Shiva first came into the game, it will take a while to get this going however will work great in conjunction with a bleed team.

What do you think of Tye?

  • OP
  • Just Right
  • No good

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He’s an alright toon but not pulling for him

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Just did a 0 pull and didn’t get him. I want my money back!


Could works against those pesky toons like Mia, Elle, negan and Wayland. All situational…but still wouldn’t waste my 273 coins on him.

His t1 AS is what will make him a great attack toon. Coupled with his heal reduction, those shield/revive defenses hold no challenge any longer. Ofc, you do have to pull him which is the scam

I think he is ‘just right’ but should I say OP so Scopes don’t feel a need to slap an S on and boost his stats to the moon? :thinking:

He’s just right! Someday we gonna see this toon in a war wheel… rs

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He’s OP in the sense that he’s a killer to the recent promos that players have dumped boatloads into. Surprise surprise.

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He’d be more balanced if it was 500 burn for 3 turns and 450% damage, but of course that means toons like Zachary are still op. In terms of the current meta, he’s just a little bit op. But pretty much all premium characters are these days.


Burn resist way to go

The new collectibles crap way to get these toons makes me wanna throw up. Disgusting

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He is meh in the current meta. I’d rather use an old zach instead of him. This toon is simply not good enough to tempt people into pulling again. So I hope most players stay strong and not pull.