6* Ty or Abraham


I’m using 6* Miraboobs as lead and want to beef up my defense with a 6* range toon. I only have enough to ascend either ty or abe. In raids, I find Abe more annoying with his indomitable skill whereas Ty hits hard but I usually kill him before he can rush. Any thoughts appreciated.


I have both, Ty T3L79 and Abe T3L77, and find myself using Abe much more on both defense and attack. This is with 6* Mirabelle lead, Magna shield with stun gun, 6* Zeke and a revive (usually Abe). Abe’s a great toon to pop directly behind a shield.


If you have an impair blue gun go with Abe, but from my own opinion I have battle against many Abes, and I always leave him for last, and yes, it is annoying to kill him, but eventually you can do it without much effort.

Tyresee on the other hand, with 2 ARs must teams are done.

I would go with Abe if you have an impair gun, and tyresee if you have a shield or a zeke protector 2.


Depends on your weapons and who else you are using. Obviously both are better with impair guns, as a tank Abe needs the right setup, Ty is damage and good at it. DPS on a defense can work with huge bonus weapons


If u want a tank, definitely abe suits the line up. Give him 30%def, 30%hp and Impair when defending and he is like a titanium. While tyreese, he is a pure offensive toon, if u want to run an offensive team, choose Tyreese. Give him 30%atk, very large bonus to ap(preferrably Huge ap when attacking) and impair when defending.


The problem with ty on defense is this. If you don’t have a leader giving bonus AP and he is equipped with a huge AP weapon he gets 42 AP per turn. His AR needs 85 points. So if he isn’t attacked he doesn’t go off until turn four. I personally don’t attack him at all until I know I can wipe him out with adrenaline rushes, because I know I have all the time in the world. Math explained below.

20 is the AP gained for attacking, 10 is huge AP bonus for attacking, and 1.4 is the multiplier given to defending teams.


That’s sort of the idea with Tyreese, touch him at your own risk, setting him off early is almost always fatal, which is why he can work n defense with the right set up

All these 6* are basically idiot proof, they made them that way because of all the crying and whining about priya and good defenses.

Now any 4th grader can simply auto attack and win raids


Decapitate is nasty nasty…

Both are good toons but remember that haste makes waste especially if you only have enough to level 1.

Try waiting a week or two and see if a new 6* comes up that is more appealing.


For regions that are full with 5* LE Jesus everywhere the answer is simple-Tyreese.


I think you only get the 1.4x multiple first round though


Now i’m not sure lol. I’ve never thought beyond round 2 on defence before.


Just checked. Guess i’ve been doing my maths wrong for 2 years. What a duffus. 1.4x every round. I need to go back to rts school :persevere:


get both


Got you man lol. The 1.4 does not apply to the bonuses received from specials. 8% and 20% don’t get the 1.4 boost