6* trainer ideas


I have seen post consistently asking about easier ways to get lilliths, uselessys, active trainers and the white pantsed wonder Aiden. These are only available from purchases, elite tokens, Sr Depot, fa Depot and rewards and milestones. If your not in a highly ranked faction u can rule out rewards. Tokens are roughly 1.5%-5% chance, and with territories being in shambles, it’s harder to get tokens to begin.

Not only are the trainers we need in the new meta harder to come by, were constantly given Hunter,leader and other 5* class teainers, which ultimately do no one any good. We have a way to ascend regular characters into better ones, why not the ability to ascend our trait trainers into 6* trainers. Using 2* trainers as fodder? Or an easier answer. Stop giving out useless trainers in roadmaps etc and give out usefull ones.


Ulysses is useless until you come across a good active skill.


There’s tons of good actives. I still have Spencer, Shiva and others to Max. Recover stun, stun, impair, recover impair, taunt, confuse etc. I mean who can for get about Glenn and league Zeke? Recover bleed… U know u want that 8/8.

(Notice in op, useless-ys, but still semi usefull)


Or you can farm lilliths :man_shrugging:


Again, rng has to be in your side. I use multiple cans a day, every day, on world map, and since she s been available, have only ever farmed 5 total.


Yes I agree with this idea and that she is near impossible to get from farming. There should also be a way to get them from training grounds somehow… maybe some new courses? I have alot of toons that need lilliths and Ulysses and they just sit in my roster collecting dust unused…


Actives like Stun are somewhat shitty with all those Stun-Impair-mods out there. Totally defeats the purpose of active skills imho.


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