6 toons team area

What about it?
Maybe it’s been discuss already but I was thinking about 6 toons teams, it’s sometimes so hard to make a choice between all your guys, could give you more options and dynamiseum on all pvp mods, and technically it’s already working since you can have an 6th guy from time to time (faction, plan etc.)

  • The fact that whalers gonna whale anyway for a stronger team so it’s all good for anyone, Scopely, whales and us with more possible strategies and at least fun

What you think?

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Always liked this idea, as long as the defence they are playing also has 6. Could be something they could implement into the new Arena modes.

Ofc 6v6 dude :blush:

Yeah bring it on, only becouse some ppl will be able put more Negan to team

Not mine ss.

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At this point it doesn’t change much between a 5 or 6 players cheated team, you would lose or time up both ways but for us regular players it’s all about fun, more strategies, more possible comebacks.

No crazy work for Scopely but still good stuff for us and $ for them

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