6* toons need a buff scopley

Hello scopley .
So since all you give for tournaments rewards (especially war ) are some useless 6* . That can be killed with 1 shot from an S class .
Not to mention that you still selling them in promotions.
Why don’t you gave all 6 * a boost. Like a 20% would be awesome.
At least they’ll be able to die in second hit instead of the first one .
S class have an average of 200% status of a 6* , so adding a 20% to all 6* through an extra 10 or 20 Lvl with rings wouldn’t change too much .

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Then let’s buff 5* toons too, and 4* and 3* u know why not let’s buff 2* toons too so every toon is the same strength
Just like 6* are hugely stronger than 5* just wait till 7* or ultra S toons come out

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They’re still selling them man . What’s the point

They’re also selling 5* and 4* still, they’re actually even selling 3* sooooooo… U get a 0.02% chance to get a 6* anyway

They did buff them with veteran rings and 5* weapons.

but s class benefits from rings and 5* weapons. he’s talking just a boost for 6*.

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I’d like that but highly doubt they will do so,They already buffed S-class and said people wanted(lied) this before any1 even had Pete Anderson maxed lol.

Maybe they will make something you can add to a 6* toon that will buff their stats like maybe a bracelet or a Ring something like that would work. :thinking:


Cameron needs a buff, I feel his rush should add bonus hp as well or grant elusive

His rush already gives him elusive though

Darn, I have him and I do t even know lol

The only three adjustments on a characters were made when the 6* were introduced, when Wanderer was nerfed and the extreme buff of Jessie ANderson. Apart from that dont expect a buff for the dying 6*…

I agree some do need a buff but they won’t do it, if they did muppets wouldn’t spend for Shite Class.

Keep Spending

Only way I feel they know how to buff 6* is rel 7* rel, so they > 6 S class…haha

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