6* territories r so dumb & unfair

How in the freaking world we supposed to get that territory that had 200k defence? landed 30 attacks at once still wasn’t nothing near enough why? Because top factions or whales will coin over & over, buy cans and recover their characters, y scopely isn’t making some rules some limits u can put on, why the average player should never have a chance? while the top playerscan just keep getting 4 & 5 priyas and Pete’s… In the concern of everyone scopely should make regions specifically for whales, I know it’s way hard to convince them about that, but let’s hope…


Maybe limit factions to 1 special territory or you know I’m going to say it (Get Good) :hugs:


It’s not about getting good, it’s about spending


I know just messing, but maybe the first part might work🤗

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You really think Scopely will segregate spenders into their own region(s) when normal regions are dying out as is? Lol you guys…

My faction isn’t full of whales and we’ve held onto one for a majority of it being here :woman_shrugging:


Not everyone in a top faction is a spender you know. Scopely are the ones who created inbalance of power in the game not the people who happened to benefit from it

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People can do what they want with their money

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Just look how many low activity regions r there now, that’s enough to create warning about this game, it’s just about time…

Part of the game is spending and Scopely as a company is designed to make money. In my opinion having 200K in a territory is good discipline and good organisation by a faction.

Also helps to organise an attack and coordinate with your faction so you all or a majority of you start an attack at ‘x’ time if you want to take down a territory with a huge defence.

If there wasn’t a difference between players who spend and those who don’t there wouldn’t be a reason to spend. So unfortunately, it is part of the game. I myself am an average player. I don’t spend on this game either but I compete fairly well in game.


Why are people still playing this rigged joke? They admit funny business and ppl keep shelling out cash lol


They want to make you pay one way or the other.

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Me either. People are so dumb

This is something that is completely false! Please show some evidence.

What part is false? That the players who spend should have an advantage?

That factions who can stack a territory are organized? Or that it takes discipline to listen to and collaborate with your faction mates to keep teams refreshed? (Some takes coins, but some just use kits and energy).

In my region, the faction Walkers have held down 2 terries for the majority of the time, but others have been able to whittle down and take them from them a few times. The other 2 terries have exchanged hands a number of times as well.

As for myself, I’ve spent $5 on the game mainly for the receipt.

Edit: please feel free to clarify (:

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Ask your faction to add teams over a 6 hour period. (Longer if not active). Ask them to group up at a certain time and all attack together. They need to allow a good 30 minutes and have some spare fills which everyone should have.

It requires effort and coordination. Don’t cry that it’s unfair just because your group may not be as prepared. This is the most competition I’ve seen in the game in forever. It’s good


Ya it’s been this way forever but the real question is why are top factions still spending money on this scam

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Just because someone is still playing doesn’t mean they are still spending.


While there isn’t a problem with six star territories per say, there is a problem with Scoeplys general outlook towards its playerbase as a whole.

Sure, it’s a game and should be a competition, however, you need to keep players of all levels engaged. These territories are designed to help 2-5 factions in a region. There are plenty of factions that this event is completely useless for.

Now that wouldn’t be a problem if there were other avenues for these players to get said items, like in event milestones where competition isn’t the number one factor, but there aren’t.

The reason why the number of players are dwindling in every region is due to scopely ignoring the casual to even active f2p player/faction. Now more than ever, this needs to change.


We just split territories between factions. Everyone happy. #1, #2, #3 took one and left the other. Sometimes #4 and #5 took a territory and we left them keep it for a few hours. This has nothing to do with competition and could easily have resulted in a coin fest, eg by coining just one toon.