6* territories need to be on the same timer


They shouldn’t be staggered like they are now. Whats happening in my region is the top faction is just cycling through them grabbing each one in turn. To make it more difficult for a single faction to dominate and spread the rewards around all of them should be on the same timer.


What region?


Chambers. There a pretty huge gap here between the top faction and everyone else. (#1 is 700k rep, #2 is 400k rep). As soon as the timer on the first 6* dropped they moved to the 2nd and I’m certain they’ll do the same on the 3rd as well. They wouldn’t be able to hold all 3 for the end reward if the timers weren’t staggered as much as they are.


Ah. Its happening in all the regions brah. We’re doing it in our region.
Best way to stop it is put pressure on the territories we have, and run us out of energy defending so we cant attack. Might take a group of 2 or 3 factions to do it though, good luck :slight_smile:


I agree, they should all be on the same timer.

It’s another money grab by scopley, they know the whales and top factions will spend on territory refils.


They would make more money on a single timer. It would be very difficult for top faction to hold two let alone three.


Scopely is a piece of s*** for adding this b******* into the territories anyway knowing that the strongest faction in every region is going to own all of it.wtf


Join us and win win win


I’m in the top faction in Banks and this is exactly what we are doing


It doesn’t make any sense even if I was in a top faction and I was getting all the territories what sense does that make my faction is already taken first place and everything we got all the tokens and coins and badges that we can handle they just gave us a treat.hell with little people no Milestones to reach no territories to achieve yeah they’re looking out for them


Scopely doesn’t make the game for those who might spend. Only for those who will and do spend.


Do yourself a favor and just keep hitting them for shuts and giggles make em pay to hold those territories.


I don’t like it…
But I’ll keep swimming


Just tell yer peeps to give us the territories without restisting and i’ll reward you




I like it staggered. Almost everything for me in australia usually starts or ends at 3 or 4am and it sucks. Least i have a chance at helping at some point and not being asleep for the end. We arent the #1 fac and we managed to hold a territory. It can be doable just play smart and get your team working together.


Attacking top factions to run them out of energy is a doomed mission as they are invariably made up of whales who burn cans the way sailors burn through money during fleet week. Having them on the same timer would at least force them to divide their efforts.


Bwah, now all timezones have a chance. So in my personal opinion i think its better this way.


Yep scopely money grab


why not make it this way that one faction can ocuppy just one time set territory