6* Territories are up

35 of each S-Class item hourly, 6* gear and 40 Daoist beads.

It’s not much but to me this is Scopely actually doing something right


They are not doing anything right, they didn’t announce it here or in game. They have dumped this out as a token gesture, it’s far too little way too late. They have already broken their own ‘ we will give you a proper answer in 24hours’


Meg, to me this is just a nice little bonus and boost due to being in the #1 faction in my region. I’ll end up with Priya and Laopo if we manage to keep these territories


Sclass collectibles for only top ranks in events and now this 6star terris makes the availability only for the top facs, still the active players who are in mid facs miss out on Sclass collectibles. Scopely promised to put them up in milestones for events and like all other promises it was broken.


Just an attempt to cover up recent events. Shady as always. No communication/announcement. At least they are consequent and constant in their screw ups.


What’s the name of the territory

Only 4 tts with 10min shield. Scopely made :poop: on our faces again.

You’ll find them easily enough as they have 6 Orange stars and a limited 1:20:00:00 time on them

Eh shield isn’t an issue when one of your faction mates has a team with Payback Negan, Guardians and Revives protecting it to give you all cake :’L

Goddamnit. No territory can over this up. 40k coins and 4 choice boxes with wayland payback, red negan, blue harrison, and elle MAY BE a chance.

Loooool top factions stacked their main defs in all of those, all guarded with coins and stuffs. Rest of the region bucketing around leftovers loool not even a bone for the rest, time to git my bucket good I spose :woozy_face:

Most people will be close to get 5* Laopopo or Priya if they can manage to occupy those territories all the time, but guess what? Items won’t be enough, so a couple of those will be tempted or even forced (weak will) to spend real cash for the missing items. Now you see?

What part of scopely lying about odds in the game which is illegal dont people understand? Goldfish memories

Exactly, if you ever gotten a response from ecopely telling you that the reason you got no ascendable after 400 or whatever pulls because of rng was misleading and a lie, when they fully well knew it was pre- determined on previous spending habits, or what bucket you were in, or even the allocated amount had already been exhausted, thats not only illegal but can also be classed as fraud

6* Territories pop up & the rest of the map goes white lol


In our region the maps still red, but the 6* are all blue. We had our best members dump their strongest full V30 Shield, Revive, Payback etc. Teams into the 6* territories. Hopefully we can keep them the full 48 hours

if they really wanted to break up the community some more they’d have made the territories better. Really show off the strength of those buckets.

Hey the beads territory gives 3 full completions of the Ying map. That’s 12-14 pulls for most people. And the collection stuff is close to 1500 so if you do it right and have some maxed toons you could make some major progress towards Priya and Laopo/Pete

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Best one is Atlanta

40 beads every hour is fantastic tbf. Doubt my faction will let any of the territories go personally