6* Stuff n Thangs

Now with a huge chunk of 6* out now, isn’t it about time we discussed the fact we still don’t have a dedicated 6* wheel, or at least a 5* Ascendable ONLY wheel. Also legendary gear maps that we have all been waiting an eternity for ? Surely if league store is to be our main source of said gear, the prices and cool downs need to change, or do a simple bit of coding and just make the maps?
Please, and thanks :blush:


No because we are talking about scopely.


Like Chuck Norris?


Let me direct you to the shop. Everything you require is there.
Your welcome

Lol I love how they remove my post when i wrote " Scopely trying to do something good without asking players " with a gif and had 25 likes about coins dissapear from leagues


Okay, 5* Acendable only wheel… with 99% chance of Aris, Red Rick, and Winter Edition Richard


And Blue Yumiko

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Don’t forget Harlan.

Or another gator.

In all seriousness tho, these are things that should be addressed. If your like me and haven’t pulled one of the ascendables from 5* tokens from the wheel since it was updated, it’s bloody frustrating! Just a damn reset lol. And the gear from leagues is overpriced and once a week unless you coin ain’t enough.

Bro, Chuck Norris wouldn’t have this.
Haha typo, but still… Chuck!

When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he doesn’t move up, the earth moves down.

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I have way too many Chuck Norris memes :joy:

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