6* stats and community appeasement


First off I’ve been chatting with a dev and he suggested that I tag you @Shawn.Scopely. I’m also going to tag @kalishane as I would appreciate some feedback if Shawn isn’t possible to help contribute.

Basically the 6* star buff destroyed rosters of both f2p players and p2p players in a matter of minutes. These rosters were built on both time and money and the buff made the vast majority of 5* toons irrelevant in the 6* world. Since this stat boost an easily 50% of posts to this forum have either been inflammatory (to which you then delete and probably rightfully so if they are against ToS) or general posts about the unhappy state of the player base.

You made this stat boost in minutes so therefore is could also be undone and reverted to original 6* stats. If this is carried out it would then make rosters useful again and would appease a lot of the player base. We wouldnt be fighting the same 6/7 toons every raid as there would be more diversity and more people willing to experiment with other ideas.

We would still have issues regarding milestones and rewards but this would go a long way to showing the remaining player base that you are here for us and willing to work with us. As a trial run you could even do this for a month over the Christmas period, I am 100% positive the general vibe of the game would improve overnight if you did this.

I’m begging you guys here so a response (and hopefully a timely and positive one) would be awesome.

Thank you for your time guys


And remember, most people haven’t even gotten their 6 stars to T4 yet. You think 5 stars are irrelevant now, we’ll wait until people has teams of 6 stars at T4 maxed.


I liked the stat boost at first, but at that moment I thought we were going to get more OG Ascendable toons. Clearly we have not. If the stats are reverted, then we could actually use our 5* characters in war again. The lack of 6* toons could be alleviated as well as we could actually use some 5* toons from war rewards.



I think the stat boost would be ok if there were a large pool of f2p ascendable toons. The stats were fine before the boost in the current state of the game


Could I also ask that this isn’t merged into another thread please as I lose track of where the conversation is at when things are merged. Thank you


@Hedge @topher @Agrajag you guys are all developers too I see. Care to take a read and respond please?


I think it’s too late for that. Reversing the stat boost will bring a big wave of refunds (ie. everyone who pulled for anything with a 6* version). Maybe boosting 5* would cause less issue.
But really Scopely should have thought about the consequences before doing it! They should have tried it on Beta first or had some community consultation as clearly whoever makes these decisions does not know the game well enough


Reversing the boost would be the biggest display of saying “We made a bad call. We’re going to set this right.”
I just truly don’t believe they possess the integrity to do that. And that isn’t pure cynical slandering just because I don’t hold a great opinion of them most of the time. It’s based on a majority of past incidents. Evidence. Facts. When problems occur, they do not take initiative. No outstanding effort is made to trace back and roll things to a better state. Wendy, Viktor promo, Months of rewards won through exploited weapons, plenty more. They let the damage be done and move on. They don’t go back to repair the torn up turf.


I hear you. My point to that would be we’ve all made bad choices and moves in real life that we wish we could take back, putting this to them gives them the opportunity to right their wrongs.

Also if they trial it and then take a feedback on the stat decrease I am positive that the results would come back hugely in the favour of keeping the stats at the original level pre buff.


to much time has passed and people have already purchased premiers.

although it may be of the greater good, people will flood google and apple with refunds.

and quite frankly, they would be right to do so.

Scopely would not let that happen


refunds can happen even if they dont revert stats


Seems they all saw the thread and just chose to ignore it completely. Top customer service skills!


@topher @Agrajag @Hedge @Shawn.Scopely @kalishane

All of you have been active in the last 30 mins. Care to comment please?


Had this thought also. Just wondering now though, have too many people let go of too many of their 5* toons? Could be another trigger for upset.


Correct that it’s not that difficult to implement on a technical level.

In terms of the number of people that have dumped characters into Ascension and built teams based around the new stats though, its a lot trickier, and frankly a decision made above my level. I know I personally would have some regrets about some of the 5s I’ve used as ascension fodder on my account if the stats suddenly went back.

I wish I had a more useful answer for you, I really do.


I’d like that post if I hadn’t used all my likes on memes x/

Personally, I’d like to see the buff reversed just to get my old ideas and plans back and mixed with the new ones. I understand not wanting to backpedal, but if you can’t please the crowd, why not try to please the biggest number you can?

Also, the only 5* I personally regret using as fuel is Blue Gov, because even though he was utterly useless, it was the only one I had. He was blue Gator.


Thank you for the courtesy of a reply @Agrajag although i do feel something needs to be done though as the f2p 6* are for some reason on hold and hordes of long term players are sick of seeing the same toons in every team. There is currently no diversity and everything is just down right stale, would you not agree?


Which wouldn’t be SO bad, if there was a timeline of when things would change AND a more realistic reward structure. Nobody I know wants to work too hard for the rewards of late.


Yes revert them back please 6 stars already had far to high attack power.


They could monetize the boosting of 5* stats.

Similar to the original gameboy pokemon where you could feed food to your pit fighters to boost a specific stat, consumable items could be added to this game to boost the hp, defense, attack of your 4*/5* characters.