6 stars characters wheel

after more then a year of 6 star characters being introduced why we dont hve a sepreate perment 6 stars characters wheel yet. most of people in lower faction cant get a single pull from the limted time event pull due to ur stupid geme plan anf their tokens turns into useless DEPO. points but from 6* wheel least their tokens will stock and they finaly will get s pull someday. jb.scopley


They do have a dedicated 6-star wheel it just happens to cost $100 bucks for 40 attempts with a 1% chance of success and even then you have no say in which one you get.

Keep Spending…er Surviving! :smirk:

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When Scopely promises to ramp up the availability of medals and 6*s but instead creates a bottleneck to get people to spend

Look at that mullet his not messing around

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