6 star wheel tokens

Hello, just a quick one, we’ve had 6 stars in for what 18 months now? We’ve always had the 5 star token wheel, might be worth introducing a 6 star wheel with tokens alongside the improved 5 star wheel, another way to help f2p players plus gives more umpth to get people to enjoy level ups etc


Well with S-class coming in it would make sense. Though how much you wanna bet that if they even do something like they would give something useful.


That is very true however it’s better than what we currently have, there will be the odd one useful, even if they did it so 3 s class toons are in it and the rest like 25-30 regular sixes

nah!! bcz if they make a perment wheel it will be consist of useless toons

It would be a wheel containing Ivanova, green Beta, Gator, green and yellow Negan, red Andrea, and last but not least, yellow Kal!!! :rofl:


Still if they actually put time into doing it as they just admitted people have different odds no fuckers going to spend a penny on the game :rofl::rofl:

They have to come up with a damn good excuse, but also with some sort of compensation, as many people asked for refunds and aren’t gonna spend a dime anymore to correct that negative coin balance…

We should add it. Cause this point scopely Is fucked either way.

My idea for like a small part of their compensation and apology is to give us all 5000 tokens on a 500 token wheel. It contains purely 6* and choice boxes with 1500-2500 S-Class items in it.

Everyone gets 10 pulls. Everyone possibly gets a S-Class.

Alongside free SC for a year, 16,500 coins and 1000 of each S-Class item free alongside a fully modded weapon with a desirable special trait of our choice

how d@re you forget the hot favourite ‘‘Vincent’’ … you broke my heart😢

My bad! Want me to edit the post, or we leave it as it is, as he’s already been mentioned?

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you forget the one and only, yep he is VINCENT.

Sorry about that, but I see him so rarely, it’s understandable. :sweat_smile:

Ohhh shit Vincent a op mutha fuckr gotta get him in the wheel new outfit an all :rofl::rofl:

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