6 star territories avaliable


When would you open the 6* territories?
A lot of us did not had the chance to win any of the reawards.
Please open them again…

And it’ll be the same with top factions stacking tgem

Yes, I want dominate 2 territories again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please don’t. Those territories only help the whale factions.
Not gonna bridge the gap like that.

Why would they ever bridge the gap? That would make spending much less impactful and therefore less people would spend, which = less money for them. They are a business, after all.

Well, that was one of the main jobs of PC.
Without f2p and light spenders (30day and sc) game would die much faster

There is a bizarre theory that if others can compete with you, repeately, you will spend, repeatedly, to stay ahead of them.

Radical stuff I know. Soviets didn’t go near that one

Yes well if you’re spending and you’re noticing that non spenders are catching up all the time and you’re not that far ahead, the amount of spending will also decrease, as there’d be no point of spending if you’ll be caught up with anyway.

If they open them 2 at a time is a waste. Needs to be 4, should be all at once. Then tops can’t stack every one.

The entire game is built on the model that you ‘pay to get something quicker’ not something exclusive. Even Tucker said that. Hindering the ability to catch up means there’s zero reason to continue spending

Fixed that for you. Nothing in the game has been “Free” for years

Depends how you want to define ‘free’. Login and in your inbox? No. Time cost? Yes.

Time is never free,YES SOME think themselves no better then a $2 whore but still not free, nor is doing offers.

Well I don’t think any F2P in the game expects there to not be a time cost. The very title we give ourselves is based purely on monetary value. If you didn’t spend time you wouldn’t be playing a game lol

This game for FREE stuff is no less then a part-time job that borders more towards full-time work, even doing that 99.998% of the time you end up short.

But if you enjoy it and you do it willingly? It’s called free time for a reason lol.

Another use of the word ‘free’ undeliberate there

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