6 Star Shiva Claws


Hey guys, I’m a little bit on the fence as to what upgrades to put on 6 Star Shiva Claws.

On offense I run her behind Javi lead for 30% attack bonus.
On defense she is behind SR Zeke lead.

I’m trying to add stun on attack for 3rd slot, and then I want AP bonus on attack, but what do I get rid of…

Do I want 35% attack, AP bonus, Stun
35% Def, AP bonus, Stun
35% attack, 35% Def, AP bonus

Been going back and forth and not sure which would be better. Im leaning towards keeping the attack buff and getting rid of defense, but then will she die too quickly in battle?


I think without a defence buff like carls i’d hang onto defence. You could use one mod for stun, 1 for ap boost and save the last. That way you could replace the defence with atk at a later date depending on if you get a 6* lead


My 6* Shiva:

+35 def

Huge ap when atk


She survives a bit longer and she’ll be a monster tire 4 maxed with it. Her atk is already high so drop of atk for def


Mine has

+40% attack
Huge AP bonus when attacking

I run her behind 6* Carl

She did over 8k damage to a 6* Negan in one hit the other day. I also run 5* Sawyer with his stun 3 chainsaw, plus Shiva can stun 1 anyway, so didn’t see the need to craft stun.


I am aimin for

-30 AP
35% DEF
Huge AP when Attack


Thanks for the reply’s. Seems there are quite a few different builds for her claws.


Gona have to think long term when it comes to a toon with a sticky wep… If your using her on attack teams then…
Huge ap on attacking
Stun on attack

If you think she will be more useful on a deffence then…
Huge ap on attack
-30 ap on defend

She’s defiantly an attack toon, much like sandy and alpha… but shiva defo holds her ground on an deffence team so the wepon choice is personal preference… great to get one for each roll :wink:


An attack toon is meant to attack so i increased att on mine


Huge AR on Attack
+35 Def
Huge AR on Defend



Shiva is better on attack than defense, especially behind SR Zeke, without AP down she is just a rush charger waiting to happen.

I’ve faced defenses with all of the listed combinations, Huge AP, AP down, Stun on attack. AP down is the most effective, but still easily beaten with range Mira.


Double shiva on def is a pain


I run with attack over defence as i use her for my attack team. Alot more killing power in her with attack instead of defence.

Ive had her claws without the attack, and you simply cant kill as much as with it.


How’s that working out? I got -30 and thinking of going 30 HP over atk. I do need the huge ap tho on defense.


My region is somewhat younger. I don’t think anyone has managed a crafted trait weapon and there are only a few rock revolvers and bound weapons (Theresa etc).

But I went heavy defense on my team. Everyone (Carl, zeke, shiva, Yvette, and barker) trends with Huge ap, 30hp, 30 def. they all run just shy of 3k hp save zeke (his is crit and ap) and I figure I manage the most defends of the higher ups in our region.

I wanted staple solid weapons for my team before I begin trying for the elusive trait ones.


Working out pretty good.


Why wouldn’t you reset that if you were going to overwrite slot 3?


If we’re being realistic, it will be several months before I have a set of trait weapons. I’ll make the trait weapons for the other characters before I come back to Shiva in a year.

I’m probably 40+ trait attempts in and no success.


Huge bonus to ar while defending


That’s why I am not so fond of special weapons. Lack of flexibility and a little bit waste of weapon parts.

A toon with special weapon cannot easily switch between attack team, defense team and crit team. And given that the probability of getting a trait weapon is extremely low, it’s a pity that a trait-modded special weapon cannot be used by any other toons.

So if someone is going to mod Shiva claws, I would recommend him to go for attack-wise. Attack team usually has more use than defense team. And avoid trait-modding since it’s gonna cost a lot but with little return, since you can’t give the weapon to other toons.


Well some people have what they have and need to use the toon on attack and defense.

If you need Shiva for both teams, STUN is obviously a great upgrade. -30 AP is more effective on defense.

Regular old stats like AP DEF and ATK always work, so you really can’t go wrong one way or the other.

But if the question is what is “most optimal for Shiva on atk, shiva on defense, shiva for rainbow leader etc…” each one of those questions has a different answer

-30 AP is the superior defensive upgrade, however players can and will get defends with other upgrades too.

Stun on defense is great when it works, when it doesnt work, it may as well be empty