6 Star Santa Axel!

My own creation! Feel free to give him an AR, specialist/leader skill and active skill!

(Please make this real Scopely!)


Nice work surge, you have great drawing style :slight_smile:

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This was the one I pitched to scopely last Christmas (as you can tell he was a 5* back then).

His rush is careless whisper, where he just confuses the other team for infinite amounts of turns until you win.

Saxophone was his fixed weapon. :saxophone:

He’s a game changer… not sure why they didn’t run with my suggestion. I’d have spent on him… :woman_shrugging:t4:


wtf man?! was he on a diet?? I want the supersanta Axel with an OP belly shield!


Leader skill: all teammates receive +40% defense against ranged enemies. Large bonus to item drop rates.

Rush: gift of cheer: deal 4 attacks of 50% damage to a single enemy, and inflict 5 maim damage with each strike. all teammates receive +75 crit for 3 turns, and recover from confusion and burning.
Rush speed: 66ap

Active skill: self elusive: this character becomes elusive for 3 turns.


10/10 This needs to be real, along with 3 star baby kitten Shiva please, thank you! :smiley:

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Fake asf. Where are the man titties?

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how passionate everyone was for a Santa Axel!

I would’ve pushed for this!!

Adding to the doc next to Baby Shiva @Lockdown


Baby Shiva would be boss hahahha

Kalishane, the team could use more characters from the comics. I mean, talking about Axel, remember that guy from the prison that was pretty much the First antagonist (Prior to Governor)? We could have a toon of him.

Father Gabriel, Telltale Characters Season 2, Rick’s Brother, The Governor Brother and even the characters from the story of Road to Survival (Jeremiah, Brock, Emma).

Sorry, went off the Topic but pretty much is: We love Jesus, Michonne, Rick, Ezekiel and stuff, but we would love the other characters to Get some love too :smiley:




I hear you!

I’m still catching up on the comics but you’re absolutely right!


Yeah I totally agree. Seeing the same characters again and again gets boring real quick. Hershel had 6 kids in the comics inc maggie, why not have em all. I know most of them died early and weren’t part of the main group but who cares. I want Arnold with a pitchfork and Lacey with a shotgun.


I didn’t mean to digress (oops) but good job with santa Axel friend. I feel like his stomach should be popping open his top but that’s just me being picky. Nice work!


Happy for great responses!


I drew his body to look like the 4☆ version btw

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LOL Baby Shiva! :heart_eyes:


Yes, you did a beautiful job MrSurge!!

I love how he has a dagger haha

Hi kali i sent you a message . Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Here’s a list of characters and weapons that need game counterparts

5 = most
1 = least

Jim (Atlanta) 4
Donna (Atlanta) 4
Ben (Atlanta) 4
Billy (Atlanta) 4
Julie (tyreese’s group) 4
Chris (tyreese’s group) 4
Rachel (Hershel’s farm) 3
Susie (Hershel’s farm) 3
Arnold (Hershel’s farm) 2
Lacey (Hershel’s farm) 2
Patricia (Hershel’s farm) 5
Andrew (prison) 4
Thomas (prison) 4
Bruce Allan Cooper (Woodbury) 4
Eugene (Woodbury) 3
Alice Warren (Woodbury) 5
Hap (Woodbury) 3
Chris (hunters) 5
Theresa (hunters) 1
Albert (hunters) 2
David (hunters) 1
Greg (hunters) 1
Charlie (hunters) 1
Regina (Alexandria) 4
Scott (Alexandria) 3
Ron(Alexandria) 4
Pete (Alexandria) 5
Paula (Alexandria) 4
Mikey (Alexandria) 4
Barbara (Alexandria) 2
Erin (Alexandria) 3
Darius (Alexandria) 2
John (Alexandria) 1
Paul (Alexandria) 1
Josh (Alexandria) 2
Julia (Alexandria) 3
Alex (hilltop) 4
Eduardo (hilltop) 4
Marco (hilltop) 5
Ken (hilltop) 5
Dante (hilltop) 5
Louie (hilltop) 3
Larry (hilltop) 3
Ethan (hilltop) 3
Doug (hilltop) 2
Wes (hilltop) 1
Wesley (hilltop) 1
Brian (hilltop) 2
Rolland (hilltop) 3
Johnny (hilltop) 2
Brandon (hilltop) 5
Morton (hilltop) 5
Tammy (hilltop) 4
Donnie (saviors) 3
Davis (saviors) 2
Mike (saviors) 1
Amber (saviors) 4
Gavin (saviors) 1
Seth (saviors) 2
Gary (saviors) 1
William (kingdom) 5
Gus (kingdom) 2
Zachary (kingdom) 5
Taylor (kingdom) 2
Brian (kingdom) 2
Bernie (magna’s group) 2
Joshua (whisperers) 1
Lydia (whisperers) 5
Josh (josh’s family) 2
Mike (josh’s family) 2
The princess(Pittsburg) 5
Lance Hornsby (commonwealth) 4
Officer Samuels (commonwealth) 2
Officer frost (commonwealth) 1

Phillip Blake 5
Nick parsons 5
Bobby marsh 3
Tara chalmers 3
April chalmers 3
Tommy 2
Scott moon 3
Megan lafferty 5
Chad Bingham 2

Doug 3
Duck 4
Glenn (telltale version) 3
Hershel (telltale version) 3
Brenda St. John 3
Danny St. John 4
Andrew St. John 4
The stranger 5
All 500 days characters
All season 2 characters
Jane (season 3) 5
Marianna 4
Badger 4
Conrad 4
Ava 4
Joan 5
Francine 2
Max 3

Carol Pelletier
Sophia Pelletier
Billy greene
Lilly caul
Bob stookey
Father Gabriel Stokes
Douglas monroe
Harlan Carson

The princess’ spear
Negan’s second lucille
Commonwealth bayoneted assault rifle
Jim’s pistol
Allen’s double barrel shotgun
Billy’s sniper rifle
Glenn’s sniper rifle
Dexter’s shotgun
Donna’s pistol
Carl’s pistol
Rick’s hatchet
Andrea’s handgun
Thomas’ murdurin’ knife
Maggie’s pistol
Hershel’s shotgun
Hershel’s pistol
Otis’ shovel
Otis’ hunting rifle
Dale’s shovel
Glenn’s fence knife
Tyreese’s hammer (better version)
Negan’s serrated knife
Douglas’ pistol
Abraham’s torch
Holly’s crowbar
Pete’s kitchen knife
Tobin’s rifle
Gabriel’s scoped rifle
John’s Metal pipe
Tara’s serrated knife
Dwight’s crossbow
Dwight’s assault rifle
Vincent’s hunting rifle
Aaron’s hunting rifle
Beta’s dual knives
Alpha’s machete
Whisperer knife
Heath’s pistol
Holly’s submachine gun
Earl’s forge hammer
Carl’s whittling knife
Negan’s damaged Lucille (shot taken out of it)
Negan’s shattered Lucille (split in 2)
Carl’s shovel
Brandon’s brick
Rick’s cane
Ezekiel’s automatic rifle
Connor’s machete
Kal’s spear
Eduardo’s spear
Dante’s greatsword
Forged hilltop spear
Forged kingdom broadsword
Forged kingdom greatsword
Magna’s sniper rifle
The princess’ light machine gun
Abraham’s pitchfork
Martinez’ mp5
Alice’s shotgun
Negan’s assault rifle
Kelly’s dual knives
Donnie’s scoped rifle
Lydia’s knife
Lydia’s pistol
Whisperer flaming bow
Earl’s broadsword
Harlan’s broadsword
Sophia’s pistol
Maggie’s broadsword
Maggie’s steyr aug
Alpha’s shotgun (non new threat version)
The governor’s machete
Lee’s hammer
Mark’s hunting rifle
Lilly’s pistol
Carly’s pistol
Danny’s charlotte
Chuck’s shovel
Molly’s Hilda
The stranger’s pistol
Nick’s hunting rifle
Luke’s machete
Carver’s revolver
Carver’s radio
Troy’s assault rifle
Kenny’s crowbar
Jane’s nail filer
Clementine’s pistol
Clementine’s hammer


Thomas! That was the guy! I mean, I like New characters as the next Guy, but c’mon. We had characters like José and Mônica that could have been some of the other characters.

Teresa is super cool. We could use the same animations for Eugene Cooney (Cage Fighter from Woodbury) and on xD

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