6 Star Release Cadence!

6 Stars (F2P/accessible to all) Need to released faster and on a more regular basis than is happening right now. The Lack of variety(especially of leaders) is strangling.


definetly they have to make many more 6s from previosly released characters or there won’t be anyone left to buy their 6 premier toons.

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Well said J.a.b. game is boring AF right now. We need more f2p toons ASAP.
NOT early 2018. NOW!!!


I think the Scopely logic is ‘If we realease F2P 6* people might not pay for 6* Premier recruits’

There may actually be some truth to that, releasing lots of F2P 6* may see a dip in immediate profits but it would see a rise in competition which would lead to whales spending to stay ahead of the curve.

Of course Scopely logic revolves around making money today, not tomorrow. Tomorrow they can just reset the game & hope people buy all over again, again.


yea and their logic shows that it is only short term gain and in the long run more regions will become dead and more people will quit. If they want a long term plan release as much as 6s from previously released toons by making all balanced not like priya or such before. That way our old rosters will be used in a more balanced way. Whales can decide to ascend all and rest of the people has to decide what to ascend anyway since there will a bottleneck anyway. This way they are like giving us a piece of a huge puzzle and noone is willing to spend or ascend a toon. Then they enforce it via 6 buff. Very short sighted calls so far since legendary toons released.

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Can’t agree more. Big spenders feel screwed over big time. There is no variety in the current pool of 6 stars, since most of the players got a hold of the ones that were available in the 5 star wheel.

Characters like Priya became almost entirely useless soon after their release. A fair compensation would be to at least increase the release rate of older ones becoming ascendable.

You can’t really expect from most players to pull their roster together anew.

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While priya is near to be useless others are completely useless. Why compensate priya buyers though?

Completely agree, the game is so tedious and repetitive now it’s unreal, taken away all individuality and opportunity to express ourselves.

Ps. Love your videos man.

Please listen to us Scopley, because I seriously think you have maybe 2-3weeks to address this then it will be almost impossible to save the game.

This post needs to be kept at the top of the forums until something is done, it’s the number one issue currently affecting the game.

I like how they say its so difficult to design a character BLAh Blah Blah. But there are about 10 6* already mined from a while ago. Yet we only get the brand new have to buy 6*. Those don’t seem to be so hard to produce. They need to wake up and see these as a call to action instead of a ban, delete or in some instances closed thread.

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They should at least release 3 6* a week, 1 new 6* and 2 old 5* to 6*. :slight_smile:

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Any chance of any kind of response or acknowledgment?

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In my opinion even that is too many! At most 1 per week would be ideal, so many of the same 6* are being used regardless, so it’s not like it would make much of a difference :tough:

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Lol yall silly.

Okay what about 2? 1 new 6* and 1 old 5*

Honestly I don’t think anyone would be pissed if they stopped with new Premier characters.
Just create 6* for who you already have I’m the game, the last f2p ascendable character was sidique 3 weeks, if people don’t have the characters they may spend, it’s not rocket science

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