6 star legacy Lori toon


So this is how I would envision 6 Star Lori to be like. This is a complete fake by me, made in GIMP.

And please, if you don’t like it, feel free to give constructive criticism all you want. Emphasis on constructive.


I dont like it because it reminds me of red 5* carl, and i want my lori to look like a chick.

Its artistically good, but not for my taste. Would be cool to see some 6s art dialed back, all the 6s (mirabelle example) is way overdone. Could be cool to have Lori in a casual Pre-Outbreak dress


For anyone wondering, here were the ingredients: I used a 6 star Andrea for the legs, as a base. Then I used 5 star red ascendance Andrea as the torso and arms. Then, used 5 star ascendance yellow rosita’s blouse, and then 3 star green lori’s head, and Aris’ headband

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Very solid toon all around I would love if this was real. If I could change 1 thing about it i would knock the attack down to around 1600 and bump the hp up to 1600 keep defense where it is. I’d rather her live longer than hit a little harder especially as a disarm specialist but that’s just my preference. Good job.


I like it. The rush is a bit overpowered (compare to 250% damage and stun 3 enemies for 1 turn), but dropping it to 225% or 210% damage, or making it 76 ap would fix that. Not sure why someone flagged it.


Disarm won’t be coming F2P until another 2 promos with it imo unless it’s a 5s which would severely limit usage.

The rush is OK. Super low hp makes her difficult to use on defense but that’s okay she’d be decent on attack


OK let’s change that focus and shed be good
OK low hp am I bothered no hp is piss easy to mod up and a counting you’d be using he behind mira or Erika wirh a stun lori isn’t dimmed tush is nice it’s not op it is powerful because she probaly won’t become disarming amd ranged only has 1 g2 you could do that because that would make it easier for most ppl who dont have g, 2 hersh


Really someone Flagged that picture? What is forums coming to?
Oh yeah, the “forums police” strike again… It’s sad we can’t have The Freedom of speech…


Wrong role for a character like her imo. No tank features whatsoever. Would be an awesome support though


Also, you know what else I notice? No one ever comes forward, saying that they’ve flagged it. So it’s either a troll (most likely), a coward, or Scopley themselves. I have Litterally never seen one mofo come out of the woodwork and say “I’ve flagged this because it’s (insert reason here)”


Good stuff. She is a bit OP for f2p though.

Her role should be Damage from an accuracy standpoint. Also her health stat is extremely low for a max 6*, lower than many 5* actually, and needs to be tweaked a little.

66AP is a pretty low AP cost, and ironically her 5* card has the same value. We know with an AR that strong, Scopely would make it 85, but I like the way you think.

Disarming is a crazy specialist skill, maybe Confounding [confuse on critical hit like Kay] would be more likely to happen. Active skill involving Impair as a nod to her 5* card would also be appropriate, I think.


Fair enough, I used the tank Andrea as a base for the chatacter, so I was too lazy to change the “tank” role or focus active skill. I’ll change it for the next one I make.