6 star F2P healer

Will there ever be a 6 star “F2P” ranged healer, cuz I don’t think it’s fair having to pay to get one and they all suck (except Erika) and I already did a couple of 40 pulls to get Erika but I didn’t, it’s also not fair cuz there’s Carl an f2p melee healer and almost everyone with a melee team has him, so why can melee teams have a good f2p healer while ranged teams don’t.

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I don’t have Carl or shiva unfortunately, been playing close to a year.

There already is Shane from prestige tokens.
That’s were I got mine from just not ascended him


He wants a healer that’s helpful not a prestigious 4 Star


He’s not a 4* ya noob hahaha. He’s the blue 5* you can ascend to a 6* but i prefer his 5* for Sr. But will ascend mine if I get another or something else for sr

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I was hopeful that Lori was going to take that role but nope. Just another weaker clone of the Governor. Thanks for nothing.

They’re saying Shane is terrible.

Probably Lilly from ascension (45AP and 35crit for 3 turns vs 56AP and 40crit for 3 turns) would make the same function in SR.

Free 6* healer, not for a long time. But, Tripp can still hang with the best healers in the game, with basically only Erika outclassing him for obvious reasons.

Crazy. I have had six >_>

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imageShane is a F2P ranged healer. I have him. He’s awesome. Fast AR and strong hit. Put him with Mira lead and huge AR when defending and he’s on point

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while shane is free to play(prestige wheel), your odds of getting him are worse then getting carl (who is on the 5star wheel). on my region i see very few shanes, and carls everywhere. range teams need a healer that is as easy to get as carl. id love it if shane was added to 5star wheel :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup Shane is in prestige tokens, but you know damn well you ain’t getting him, rod awaits

Shane was also given out as a level up prize IIRC

@Gho, @xezis, I pulled Shane from prestige tokens actually lol. I saved up 20k tokens and he was the only non 4* I got haha

Shane was also in one of those stash events, they gave out free tokens but you couldn’t get the stash unless you paid, I pulled him (duplicate for me) from free tokens on that event

The fact that this is even a thread disgusts me as a p2p player. Scopely shouldn’t spoon fed the f2p. They should actually cater to the p2p players because they are the ones that pay their bills for them.

Ummm I think scopley already is catering to the P2P players…


Kenny’s on the list for being ascendable in the future. So let’s pray his rush stays the same. Maybe even add an extra 10% to the heal.

Erika is ftp remember she was in that legendary 6* wheel