6 star Anna teams?


Ok so recently I got 5 star ascendable Anna, and I don’t usually do this but I want some suggestions as to which teams would be good to use. Here are my 6 stars

And also that Javier to the bottom left and a few ascendables getting ready (another Tyreese, another Yumiko, another Negan, Connor, and also Lukas that I know off the top of my head). So with that information, any suggestions as to teams for Anna?

Edit Here’s her 6 star version in case any don’t know

I've just pulled Anna - any good?

Haven’t found a use yet Red. I have two, soon maybe three. Maybe on an aggressive team, possibly behind Eugene to loop folks. But can’t picture a great use on defense.


Is that Ascendable Green Abe on the bottom? She would go great behind him on a melee attack squad


Yeah it is, haven’t ascended him yet since I had no use for him at the moment, thanks for the input.


Carl lead, Rick, Anna, Glenn and Wyatt, great team and if you have the weapons even better.


Anna is not a defensive toon.

With what you are showing I would go green Abe lead, Anna, Shiva, Glenn, and either Eugene or yellow Rick. This will make a nice attack team. Should be able to take care of shield Jebus teams and Rick is nice for focus just in case they also have revive Ty.


Try Carl/eugene lead, glenn Shiva and anna. Or replace glenn with 5* (green) heath if you have him. He will boost her berserker with his 80% attack boost


And then practice on nice Guy his team! :smirk:


She’s Attack team. I agree.

Melee smashers, Melee or all green.
Great to stop ar while getting ready for her own.


Green Abe lead, green bruce, yellow Romanov, Marlin/Rosie, and Anna


Thanks for the input but I was looking for a team with the characters I have :wink:


The best use of Anna i think is:
Green Madison, Anna, Bruce, Louis, Jeremiah
(Or any other combo with the first 3 available)
Anti-Carl team.

Anna mods: highest possible stun resist, attk, ap down resist highest possible/ def/ hp in the center, attk vs yellow, reflect damage/ graze. Def/ Hp combo

Weapons: 35 attk, huge bonus ap attking, huge bonus ap taking dmg (yes, I dont need that +25% attk, too weak). Or u can put huge bonus ap (both) + ap down, just make sure she can have up to 3k5+ attk in combat.

2nd turn, taunt active skill. Charge AR fantastically with Madison’s leader skill to full. 3rd turn, AR right at Jesus shield (enough to break him for good)


Hey, it’s AWESOME topic, so let me ask you two additional questions on Anna:

  1. Which mod set you would use for her?
  2. What would you do with her weapon?



I would most likely put on stun resist, extra defence/hp, defence vs alert.
For the weapon since I don’t have a stun weapon yet, I’ll most likely put on large ap to attacking and taking damage. Though if I did have a stun weapon I’d most likely put that on her.


Dosen’t the 6* Anna come with a bound weapon?


Lol yeah I forgot


Eugene lead, Anna, gleen, shiva ,hunter


Idk if anyone mentioned it but confuse resist mods are a good idea because it sucks to get one-shotted by your own supercharged Anna


with her active skill wouldn’t be wise to put on her weapon a huge ap when defending? and maybe 40%of atk?
when she take damage of the 3 enemies I think she will have her AR charged and ready to go (i got her too and i’m trying to get huge ap when defending to use this strategy)

Anna team advice

For your attack, I suggest SR zeke lead, Shiva, Anna, Glenn, Rick.

SR zeke is your support guy for his lead/buff/heal, Anna/Rick/Shiva are your damage dealers, Anna and Shiva can use their active for crowd control, Rick can use focus for shields, and Glenn has command and crowd control AR.

For defense, I wouldn’t use Anna at all.