6 star Abe with 45 AP


Just look at this. Each Lilith seems to reduce his AP charge meter by 5 AP… And then we got this screenshot.

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Is this fake?


My skills were maxed way back when he was first released. o_0

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I cant understand russian.


It’s not just a visual bug. His ar is full at 45. 0_0


Check the ascendance tower yourself.


In my ascendance tower he is at 76 ap


hmm. Are you part of beta?

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Yes, I am.

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ok that solves it. It’s beta related bug then since there are others aren’t seeing it.



I‘m not in beta so this could be the reason why.


the joys of being part of beta. It is fun to tinker around with new content but sometimes the bugs weasle their way into live region.

Good thing war isnt going on. lol

nice catch @DukeNukem4ever

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This is mine… Ummmmm :joy:

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that would be something if this was an actual change. lol

From average to op. XD


Hardly op I would say. 45 AP is nice but with that rush he would barely fit into many teams.

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This would be an interesting change. He was pretty lousy from the start, this change would allow him to be a means of getting a jump on taunting some defenses. I would approve and I never even ascended my 2.


Taunt to 2 peeps at turn 1? That’s one way to stop a 1 turn rush from stevens…


The same on a beta version.

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Shhhhh and look 4 more

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45ap Abe is live in game now after update! Who says now that Scopes don’t give a f about the f2p!