6* Spencer gfgbfdfnhh


For a godamn time, release characters in the ascendancy list. P2W always win against F2P


as someone mentioned a slight different Christmas Ezekiel


Thanks for making Spencer not suck :slight_smile:


The 5* version was the crw prize from last year?


Yeah. One toon reward released once gets to become a 6* before anything else


So the winners of crw prize gets stronger for incoming war next week. Michionne and magna benefiting well with Spencer’s lead skill. I wish they release f2p toons first before doing something like where the already strong faction becoming stronger with a release like this.


You all are forgetting the business model for this game, f2p but p2w.


The only way this works is if the next ascendable is a card like Caroline or Blue Richard… Something the majority of players have or have had. I can understand making a rare card ascendable, and valuable again, but there has to be balance. Instead of pumping out mediocre re skins and color changes just so people will buy, make old cards interesting again.

The collateral benefit to taking a common card and spinning it up is those players that used the card as fodder are likely to push to re Acclaim the card. And if it’s in a wheel, perhaps incentive to increase pulls?


Well, in all fairness, he was supposed to be an Ascendable character during a Region War. But then he was pushed to the CRW, because his 6* version was bugged and they couldn’t put him up as a prize, so they said.

The CRW came and they gave him without ascension which led to a bit of a backlash back then.

My faction pushed to get him, not because he was due to be a 6* but because it was different from all of the prizes Scopely had put up.

I didn’t mind at all to get a 5* from the CRW. He was exclusive at the time and we saw fitting ti have something only a few select factions would have.

I really liked his 5* version, used him on the odd attacking team.

This is almost of a delayed compensation for the drama he stirred back then.


As a player who won Spencer in CRW I’m just happy. Thanks for giving us hope for valuable CRW rewards again.

So much hate and toxicity in the forum could have been avoided if Scopely had announced that Spencer will be made ascendable during 2018. Back then everyone was negative because nobody expected that he would ever been made ascendable …


We already have pretty solid counters to blue heavy defenses.
Rick RTP, Zeke SF, Joshua, Vincent, Connor, Maggie and Gator are all f2p and you can build a team with them that smashes any blue team.
He wasn’t a rushed ascension character, if anything he was a delayed one. If you read my other post above you’ll know why.


Sad, Spencer should have been given to top 6 or something like Siddiq’s CRW.
Massive coiners always win sigh


He is a blue Mirabelle, except less stun. Glad i didn’t waste a weekend of CRW for this F2P equivalent


He’s more like a red gov except instead of impair, -defense, which is a game changer when facing erika teams

So the people with him will have a big advantage over other erika teams without him

Lowkey i dont care tho, i dont have either😂


Most people who won him won’t even use him…


Scopely…how is it that you guys tiptoe around making ftp toons ascendable so well? You will literally do anything to skip what players actually want. Make this an announcement site and disable all comments it would be more accurate


his lead skill is better than Mira’s


Jesus Christ u guys are never happy huh? At least for once give them credit when they do the right thing. They already gave u enough f2p toons to beat pretty much any possible defence out there, if u still struggle it’s not scopely’s fault.


Wow this toon is solid asf, mirabelle can finally take a seat this Spencer is a beast high attack stat so he would def rock a double attack weapon. Ton of damage to whoever he touches will likely mean certain death to any trait characters when he pops. 40 defense lead skill makes any tank type toon worth putting behind Spencer. Overrall this basically what mirabelle should had been granted Spencer hits 2 vs 3 but the 60 debuff is a good trade off imo.


Agreed. Killing 1 and stunning to others is better than Mirabell splash 3 and get shut down by guardian.

28 singles and I got him.