6* Siddiq's AR broken


I noticed it during this war : sometimes the 50% AP bonus goes… Nowhere.
Please fix this ASAP


Another known issue along with carls ap gain. …was told it will fixed with 9.1 update


Someone has to have ar but yeah it is broken.


It happens when you use AR with another toon he/she cannot gain AP with siddiq and that AP bonus is lost. Try to use Siddiq before using other toons’ AR to avoid it as much as you can.


Nope. Even the ones who just used rush are getting the 50% sometimes. Even Siddiq himself if last man standing. It just goes to a full ap toon often. Will be fixed in 9.1. Siqqid's AR glitch or game mechanic?: AP given to a teammate with already maxed AP


then its broken as hell waiting for 9.1 it seems.


It surely didn’t go nowhere. I’m pretty confident that it just went to an impaired toon so it felt like it. Happened to me a lot of time and it sucks though. I’m not sur if it’s a bug or a feature but I feel like this should either bypass impair and give the AP even if the toon cant still use his rush afterward, or be made to not go to an impaired toon. I prefer the first solution because but I’ll settle for the 2nd one. Any hints on this @kalishane @CombatMan @CombatDevIl please ?


I tried it several times, sometimes the AP bonus just vanish even with not impaired characters without full AP bar.


Impaired toons get the ap. Will also be “fixed”. Was pretty helpfull sometimes. xD its always when the full one gets it.


Yep happened to me many times this war also. Either an impaired toon, or one with a full Ar.


yes i cant make my cats rush turn two with out carls ap gain.


It might be related to 2 AP bugs that we’ve fixed for 9.1:

  • AP Full fighters being eligible to AP gain
  • Impaired fighter being eligible to AP gain


Edit : just raided someone, Siddiq rushed and… AP bonus went nowhere again.
Is coding something really insurmontable for you guys or is it intentional ?


They said the problem will be fixed with the last update, did one this morning and nothing changed yet.


I said 9.1, not next update.


Certainly still an issue. I just had it happen to me again, just now.

Very, very disappointing that I’ve had to deal with this same issue for loss of AP gain on now my third toon.

First LE Negan, then yellow Eugene and now Siddiq.