6* Shield offer? possible?


what’s gonna be like? and how much does it cost? @JB.Scopely


$25 a month for at least 3 months :slight_smile:


*7 chars


Trying to keep the glass half full lol


Survivors club. It is certain.


This is exactly what I was going to say.


I wasn’t a fan of survivor’s club, but I am now. It’s definitely worth it. You spend approximately $75 for a 6* shield. Some spend hundreds on pulls for them.


Yes & its guaranteed vs spending for 4*’s. Everything has its pro’s & con’s. People have even pulled premier toons from the daily free pull so if you think about it, they saved themselves money right there. Will they add more to the subscription, possibly this is just a starter. I admit I wasnt a fan, but I was curious to see how rng would work with comic drops & I have gotten decent amounts. I also heard there was going to be additional promo roadmaps for comics other than the weekly one. Who knows how long this really will take, I think a year is a pretty bogus assumption. Can it take 6 months, possibly if someone is on the bad end of rng, which I usually am, but again I have gotten good drops, so for now I am staying until a month or 2 more to see how it goes.


I’m still not, then again I’m not a fan of buying anything from them if it’s just gonna get nerfed or seriously bugged.


Where are you getting that total from?


3 mo of survivors club, figure u average enough comics over 12 weeks to t4 6* her.


Who figures? Is there concrete data on this? No way scopely would adjust as needed to milk extra months outta subs (yes, “subs” has more than one meaning there).


My Andrea only needs 4 more comics to t4 her 5* so I could see it taking 3 months so $75 for a shield is a damn good offer imo.


In 1 months time she will be halfway to 6* t2 so 3 months will be pushing it for sure


Min amt u can get is 2 per bag, x3 have so 6 a week, 6x4=24x4=96. With the ant of comics needed to t1-45&6*, math says?


I pulled two legends back to back and one was already ascended … I’ve already gotten my money’s worth imo plus a shield … I’m more than pleased


You know the odds on pulls though that is not common


Yes i do I was extremely lucky


You said maybe 4 words there. I’m just asking if anyone has seen the final numbers and can absolutely say anything with certainty. (Hot tip - You can’t)