6* shane AR bugged


Ive seen it happen several times this war. I have 9 out of 10 ar unlocked so heal confuse is highlighted. Ive tested and confirmed it atleast 3 times. I heal confise, they still are confused. Next round still confised also. Do the bugs ever stop scopely?


Bumping, this needs to be seen about. I lost a lot of war battles because heal confuse does not eork


@CombatDevIl can probably help


@dude1331, can you describe your scenario? How many confused did you have? Are they full hp?


It’s never worked even one time. Let’s say 3 people are confused by Priya. I pop heal confuse and the confuse symbol does not go away. Next round starts, still showing confused and still have no control of them. Same with shiva’s confuse. Shane has never cured confuse.


Are you able to record a video? So we can check if there is an external issue because I just tested here, and it worked properly. check the screenshots.

10 AM


That 6* alert Tara is new sauce !


Ok, I took 4 photos. Me confused and then after Shane’s AP went off 2 rounds in a row.

They seem to be in order backwards. Bottom is probably first and top is last.


can I have a ss of you Shane’s dossier, please?


Problem solved, when I checked my card it appears I used an active skill trainer and not a AP trainer for lvl 9. Boy do I look stupid lol


No at all, any unexpected behaviour please bring to our attention. However, pictures and video depicting the issue is great valued and more assertive :v:


@CombatDevIl casual governor and tara 6* drop before released to us or even leaked lol.

Would be pretty cool to see the toons coming out for this event, might do you some favors to build hype and give people something to look forward to. :slight_smile:


I’m better than VK, huh? just kidding xD

But serious, my mistake, I cannot do that, and next time I will double check my screenshots. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well you should pass it along that leaking toons ahead allows for people to get excited and make cool plans for teams before hand knowing oh shit i HAVE to have that one.

cough beta cough alpha cough