6* Ryan, First Promo Since Scopely Promises - First Look

6* Ryan will be the first promo character since the Promises for the Future forum post that was brought to us by Scopely - I think this character is a better indication of what they feel about the RTS community. Apparently widening the gap is part of what was requested with #PlayersUnited

With 3 more S-Class characters on the horizon as well, it appears that Scopely does indeed not care at all about the wider player base and is not taking #PlayersUnited seriously. The 1:4 legacy to promo release rate minimum also planned by October is a joke considering the massive void in power between these characters.

Scopely Promises Post, Do We Need More?

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Hard dates, plans to close the gap we need a lot more than what we have right now - the games dying on its feet and all the more OP promo after OP promo still getting pumped out week after week while the rest of the game has got Sawyer and Jackson in the last 4months. Ridiculous.


They pushed back S class priya, one can hope it’s cause they listened but we’ll never know

More than likely wanted to sell Ryan first then push out the counter.


Can we call Gen2 6*s an ‘era’? I don’t think it’s the most accurate time frame to label it. The ‘Gen2 hour before breakfast’, might be more applicable


They may have pushed her back momentarily…but she is still coming to rip you a new one.haha

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Maybe, I guess we’ll see her ready to explode the meta next week

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Then, 2 months later, after everyone has finally figured out how to beat her (LOL) they will bust out the 7* and make all the 6* useless. BUT, they will allow all the 6* to be upgraded to a 7* in a “timely manner”… So typical, so tiring, so Scopely…

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if people are still going to spend, why should they?


I mean this guy is Priya but even worse. Someone runs on Elle that can clense Focus you can’t use your charachters again until they are dead from hitting Ryan. Gjgj! #fixthedamngame #playersunited

It’s a mass disappointment


Community: complains about the huge rift between spenders and non spenders caused by the current Fast/Alert meta

Scopely: releases toon which widens huge rift due to the current Fast/Alert meta


Not so sure about this one. Lots of heavy blue. Elle is tougher due to lack of heavy green and painsplit.

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Plushow long will these guys remain relevant with the Sclass on the horizon

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Negan and elle are aging pretty well. Still pains in the ass.

I’m deeply disappointed in scopely. I had just broken my vow to hold off on spending. From now on, I’ll wait for scopely to follow through on their promises before giving them the benefit of the doubt.


All beatable toons but annoying and makes for a much longer battle. Really annoying in war