6* Rick Focus not curing confuse

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl reporting this for a faction mate who is experiencing this. Please take a look, will get additional info if you guys can’t recreate.

Focus shouldn’t cure confuse but should stop the confuse status affect on those that have been “focused”

i agree that focus is used to prevent taunt/confuse as opposed to curing it, but the combat reference post is kind of vague

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i hadn’t read that previously, that defo throws a spanner in the works with the wording
Clarification would certainly be welcomed

im sure @Agrajag or the combat bros will tomorow

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Agreed, its a nice change to have the devs take active participation and answer queries like this :slight_smile:

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Says can not be force to blah blah, doesn’t say prevents taunt or confuse. In my mind this is straight forward but I can see some interpretations of this that could be confusing to players.

Basically focus will inhibit the effects of taunt,. Confuse, and human shield. When it wears off, these effects become active again. So if focus ends turn 2 and confuse ends turn 3, on turn 3 they will behave confused, up until then those effects will be inhibited.

Yeah it’s not a cure it’s a preventive it’s like wearing a condom it helps to stop getting the clap but if you already have it, than it’s useless

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Not useless, you just hide the symptoms. But you still got the clap. Lol


I’m just saying it doesn’t work if you already are confused or taunted

I don’t think that’s right, what Wanderer is saying is right in that it prevents your character from automatically attacking but they remain taunted and confused and so, if the focus wears off first, the confused or taunt remain.

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R u sure I’m pretty sure I’ve tried focus on someone already confused and it didn’t help at all…but it works if you do it before then they can’t be confused … cause I used to try this to help keep pyria teams useless but it didn’t work unless I cast it before pyria used her ar

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YES it does. Issue is they have already taken their turn since they attack first so you won’t be able to use them until the following turn. Are you on update 11 or 10? Just tried hersh and saw no issues, I’m in update 10.

Well like I said it was for pyria teams which is months and months ago but if you say it works than I concede to you good sir…

@Wanderer is right, Focus doesn’t cure Taunt or Confuse, it only prevents them to auto attack. If Focus wears off while taunted or confused, the auto attack will happen.


Got clarification from my faction mate, it’s not working as stated. I understand it doesn’t “cure” was just relaying his words.

"And i got taunted after using focus and before using it I tested both ways "

focus is not functioning properly for me either…like not at all…ill deploy ricks “focus” and still i get taunted and confused sometimes losing a raid due to it. that being said, i tried kates and her taunt works as intended…im on 11.0

i can still target toons under human shield though

My faction mate reported it’s working correct now. Thanks

Everyone can target them, even without focus.