6* Richard is not crap

I’ve seen people go Ricard is crap Wait til you see 6* jessie all 6* Richard is is a red 6* sandy… 6* jessie well… If you never seen her leak before… Shes that shit I got pinkeye looking at her Richard is a good toon realesed in a bad drought I just thought I’d warn you warn of the terrible 6* who make Christia look like a fkn god lel

Now translate.


Justifying thier money spent?

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He would be usable on offense against melee team. Run into a tyrese and he will be asked to sit down immediately. He’s in the range of rounding out the current selection, but doesnt move the game play in any specific direction.


Nah I’m just saying there’s worse

^^^^ if you find this better than Richard I might advise you to look at the 4* blue jesus who basically does the same thing only difference is one has 6* stats so if you want to understand there’s worse then jessie can help with that

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Not released yet, could be changed.

I’d doubt that she’s probably gonna be realesed as is i dont think you can expect a toon to go from bad to good if the own company still can’t fix bugs her 5* also alredy in game in Sr so she probably got her card redy to be activated also considering they like to make good 5* descend rather than ascend she’s just gonna be another shane

I don’t think she’s better but I would definitely use her.


richard is one of themore useful 6 stars.

if he wasn’t pay 2 play i’d invest into him.

But there is no fucking way He is worth 150$.
Just no. Not for me.

He has the exact same stats as alpha, and basically the same rush slightly varied.

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His heal reduction isnt a 100% or he would be viable.
Otherwise if you want a good red go Erika or Govie.
So yeah i agree no way Id spend on him

I could use him as I only have mirabelle for 6 star reds which makes attacking heavy green teams behind carl a bit of a chore for me. He’s definitely not great but not bad either. You’re right about the heal reduction, if it was 100% he would be good.

From the sounds of it, it will become more beneficial.

I mean…Red Sandy does 2 enemies for 2 turns with the full 100% heal reduction and has decapitate. She seems better (in my opinion) that single damage and 50% heal reduction 6* Skimaster Richard.