6* ranged drop leader

We need a 6* ranged drop leader that is obtainable through 4* character ascension. Ofcourse it needs crit lead + very large bonus to item drops. The rush needs to buff crit and the active skill needs to give camouflage for 2 turns. Ok thanks


I’ve been asking for that over and over again for months, but nothing changes so far :frowning:

The question is, does one such toon currently exist? If one does not, that toon will be in Premier.

maybe a thing for blue kenny’s ascension. we cant get him from 4* ascension but he is token accesible.

Seeing that everyone has 18 Andreas it would be nice to see her as one

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Yeah andrea would not be bad, at least dont have to see her in war again then

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We need a leader of physics of 6, that of PA when attacking, (pa when attacking and defense, pa when attacking and + 20-30-40 of attack) there is only when receiving, and it is disadvantage with the governor as neutralizer at a distance. Okay thanks

Necesitamos un líder de fisicos de 6, que de PA al atacar, (pa al atacar y defensa, pa al atacar y +20-30-40 de ataque) solo hay al recibir, y es desventaja con el gobernador como neutralizador a distancia. Vale gracias

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