6* pulls and the return of the paywall


Fake news.


That wasnt a lie at all. He clearly stats that you cannot pull a 6* but that you can pull a 5* that ascends to a 6*. Read it again, real slow. Especially the part where he says "… both old epics that have gained Asendance as well as never before released 5-star Ascendable characters"


you can pull 6 stars. now


adad why think says chances for 6 star and not 5 mind you 5 does drop too,


As has been said, they also told us you wouldn’t be able to pull a 6*, which has taken only a few months for them to backtrack on.

The ascendable toons they are releasing that people will already have are mostly either poor or average 5* to begin with.

The high end toons we spent good money on (Priya, Konrad, Hunter, Auto Carl, Teresa + lots more I can’t immediately think of) aren’t available to ascend & they won’t be any time soon. When they do eventually become ascendable to can bet your last dollar they won’t become premium 6*s because that’s not what Scopely want. They want us to spend all over again, which is why they’ve rendered all out previous pulls worthless.

This is the equivalent of a car salesman selling you car, then coming to your house and petrol bombing it and expecting you to buy another one from him.


Again, what they said is that you cannot specifically pull just the 6* version, but that they were relesaing NEW 5* into the recruits that can be ascended. And the picture Mobbie posted only shows another instance where they label incorrectly. But the quote from Johnny says there are no shortcuts to a legendary, meaning you cannot pull a Legendary character, you CAN pull and epic that will ascend into a Legendary. Put the pitch forks down


Apparently I have been corrected and seen screen shots of a Legendary being pulled straight from the pulls


Lol, I didn’t believe it at first either, then I saw it, and I came to the realization the this is $copely we are dealing with here, of course it always comes down to money. But hey, Player First Attitude!


No not at all.

Ascendance will remain the biggest way to get 6s. According to data, the amount of 6s that are being ascended to 6*s is much, much larger and the main way players are creating them.

We will continue to introduce more 5*s into the pool, along with the necessary equipment to ascend.


We are running out of legendary medals!


And 5* fodder… open up them bene’s again


I think she understood it the first time when like this or similar topics were started, simply you won’t get an answer why is scopely so elastic when it comes to rules that are premiere related (obviously cash) and so rigid when it comes to fixing problems or event choices/formats (obviously innovations and upgrades requires time and they may feel underplayed). It is easier to paint a new toon, add some stats and let the masses pull, I see payers are back at it. They will continue to dance on the sharp razor until players are dumb enough to follow forced meta, that is why sudden changes are always starting simultaneously (CRW and 6* changes), broom and rug, players will sweep. Whole community here has short term memory, only few actually still see this as a problem…

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6* have killed the game I have loved for 2 years. I had an elite defense and a respectable turn 2 raid team. All of that is gone. Now it has been replaced with all the same toons everybody else has which is boring. Plus, raiding takes forever. You go against a Carl or Mira team and most of the time it takes a few minutes. So a raid tournament is just pointless. I am sick of the grinding. I am spending much more time away from the game and am less interested in a game that requires too much time. 5* were fine the way they were. I doubt I will be playing in 2018.

My other issue is why they would purposely obsolete every character you have collected up until now. I have spent countless thousands of dollars on what is now fodder. And they just talk about how great 6* are and the future of the game. That is fine for new players but anyone playing for over a year has to feel cheated. These bastards. I just see this game going into a big downward spiral and they are trying to suck every cent they can. Trying to get the deep wallets to overspend for their egos because now noobs can beat them. I am in the same boat. I used to be the #1 player in my region but now I am barely above average. If it wasn’t for my weapons I would have just quit due to being mediocre.

For those who are hanging on to their 5* because they might be ascendable remember this. Scopely has lied to us many times and the chances of the toon you want to be ascendable being available while you are still playing is probably low. Toons like Priya will most likely be ascendable after most of us who have her quit so they can get people pulling for her again. Why release her when tons of us have her? They wont. They probably have reports that show how much of a certain toon exists on active accounts before they release them. Like the leaked fast Connor. He is rare as can be. The green Aaron was only given out a few times at best. They are purposely releasing the rare ones to get us to pull. Don’t do it. Once you get an OP roster they will do something to bring it back to reality. Don’t be a sucker like me. They only gave us a few common toons like Mira, Ty, etc to get us suckered in. Its rare toons from here on out. If they are common they will only be average at best. Gator, a toon most people foddered or sold might actually be good. Caroline maybe in the future too could be good. I have sold her 4 times. They are using predatory marketing and banking on egos if competitive players. I am just waiting for a revolt. It is coming.


It’s very small chance for drop this 6*, but my factionmate pull 2x6* in 40case ??? And it show how p2w kill this game…


healers only where useles for 5s and is the same for 6s nothing worry about yet.


Sounds like players who buy into the game feel like free players can waltz right in and after a couple days kick their asses.

While free players feel like they will never be able to afford a 6* and teams are to tough. How many free players have shields or revive weapons that have not won them placing in top events?

Long term players who are in the middle sIt on some 6* and now getting showered with 5* and will complain about not enough gear.

This game is not an investment with a return on your dollars spent. Your return is enjoyment and gratification that you got so sing all be it not actually real.

Scopee always changes their minds and words at will based on what is good for them. In the same regard they have come a long way in actually attempting a balance. They are still horrid company with past employees saying so but they seem to be trying.

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Agreed, trying to milk out money from remaining whales, for now it is good job.


Well, I’ve never spent on pulls for premier characters but sure people that have are gonna be pissed that what they have bought has suddenly become outdated. People spent 100s on pulling for priya and now she dies in one regular attack of six star shiva.
And after all that they are now making 6*s premier when they said they were never going to be. Scopely don’t care about their player base only about the money.

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They give 5* like candy now, you have every 5* of the game so you basicaly have all the 6* of the game in some ways. No need to spend money on pulls. Maybe if the plan things ahead and had a 6* version of every 5* and when you ascend a red 5* you get a random red 6* like 4* to 5* and then you have the promo pull and tournament for exclusive 6* people would spend more?


I agree it was stated 6s would only be achieved via ascending and now you can pull a 6. But Scopely changes the rules as they go.

I agree that Benedicts need to be given out more often and ascending medals need to come back. Wanting to ascend characters but lacking 5*s to toss away or medals is annoying!