6* pulls and the return of the paywall


Seems like you guys are trying to force us to pull for six stars. Something we werent originally supposed to be able to do. And, with the stat buffs on them, nearly all of my premium five stars, which i spent stupid money on, have been reduced to farm members/sr toons/fodder. I dont know about others, but this REALLY pisses me off. I thought we were heading toward a player first attitude?



I agree with this, what about all the money peoople spent on Premium Toons in the Past that are now pretty much useless? I know my stupidity for spending that much money on a game but i feel like I could start a whole new game and be F2P and beat my current roster in which Ive spent way more money than i wish to admit or to tell my wife!



In time your roster will catch back up when ALL the toons get their ascendance counter part. The fact Scopely will ascend all toons keeps the value or the money you spent intact, there will just be a delay.



Feels like a literal slap in the face with how they did the six star bump before war. Unless you’re rocking god like defense you burn without time to adjust. I’ve spent my last cent on pulls till they fix it back or if not will drift slowly into retirement :woman_shrugging:t3:



Yes and no. There is definitely a time value on these toons, much of which is completely lost while waiting for them to develop a 6*. As everyone likes to point out, spending in this game doesn’t make you better, is just makes you faster - faster to build, faster to refill energy, faster to get the premium toons. Well, when those premium toons are now almost useless, you’ve lost massive value of the money you spent while you wait, wait, and wait some more.

This is especially true with the latest batch of 5* toons starting from the announcement of Legendarys to now - ones like Kay, who seemed very decent at her release, and others I can’t think of at the moment.

They moved on from these later premium recruits way too fast, and people who spent should be upset.




I agree with everything you said in your post. I have spent ridiculous money on this game, and I am not near the whale status that some people are, and I feel like the last two years worth of time, money and commitment (notice I didn’t say “dedicated”, since I am apparently not) has been completely invalidated. I am left running the same cookie cutter team that all the noobs are, even though I used to have a monster defense… That monster can now be slayed by anyone running Mira, Ty, Abe, or any other combination of F2P 6* toons.



The game has always been paywalled. If anything, the game is less p2p as there are outlets for non-paying players to actually get the 6s, compared to how non-paying players had little to no chance of getting a premier 5 from premier promotions. (If it’s unclear, I’m comparing premier only characters to 6s because of how strong premier only 5s were in comparison to other 5s, whereas the premier only 6s are mostly on-par with the rest of the 6*s.)



Most of my stooped money was spent in a region that I lost interest in. I became mostly f2p in my current main region. I’ll ascend some of my original toons as I see new cool ones. Scopely was never going to be player 1st. Fool me once…




Correct. They developed a culture of p2p over two years, built a player base that supported their game in that regard, and now they’re tearing it down, just like you stated. So, people are upset.



So game is returning to its roots after less then 2 months of free2playing, as expected. Since this forums seems a bit 'tatoes, did dash finally reply something since original q & a and ascension explaining specified there won’t be direct 6* pulls, and 2 months later we have…

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I agree with the op , I have two accounts atm…a prestige 12 and a prestige 11 and guess which one is stronger now ? All those 5* I pulled are just ascension fodder now , thanks scopely you did it again you fucked up everything



I agree and feel that Scopely left it’s players out to dry by not at least offering account resets if a playerr chooses.

I like the evolution of the 6*, but as a paying customer, I didn’t truly ask for it.

It was a forced situation that did render 90% of my characters useless for most events except SR (until they buff the difficulty)

I’m all for evolution and progression of the game, but not a situation where you have no choice.

At least with account resets we could had pulled for toons we choose and if we got them…great

If not…so be it



I’ve seen nothing to imply that ALL toons will be ascendanble, is that info out there somewhere?



I cannot find the thread of the ascendance Q&A maybe @kalishane can help, But in that thread Dash said the plan is to have ALL toons be able to ascend



All toons by March of 2018 we will have 12 more plus some from premier so. 18-20

How long will it be until you can ascend them all how many 5*s are on the game.

My Monica might ascended in 5 years time.



All toons eventually, probably around 50 old ones per year. Also I am a bit skeptic about that official info, scopely also claimed more then once that 6*s won’t be part of premiere pulls and look at it now lol.

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said by our foxbie boy

A Road All Must Travel

Don’t expect to see 6-Star characters as a possibility in Recruits and Rewards - Ascendance is the only way to get them - We will, however, definitely be rotating in Ascendable 5-Star characters into Premier Recruits on regular intervals, both old Epics that have gained Ascendance as well as never before released 5-Star Ascendable characters. There will always be fresh blood to recruit to the team, but they’ll all have to go through the labors of Ascendance to reach their Legendary status. There are no shortcuts to the next level.

so more lies



/salute gotcha thanks



For me, I don’t actually care that you have a chance at a 6*. Don’t see it as a big deal.

It’s actually about the lies and double standards imo.

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yep https://forum.scopely.com/showthread.php?19086-Upcoming-New-Feature-Character-Ascendance
even said it him self.