6* priya missing 100% daze

@GR.Scopely why is it that 6* pyria now doesn’t have 100% daze but TBD??? Has anyone else saw this yet?


Issue for beta users, non beta users have her daze

Maybe they are changing the 6* Priya’s weapon? S Class still says 100%

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i’m not a beta player and I have the tbd also

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From what I understand is a visual bug but is still working like it should

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I am not in Beta and have tbd as well

Yes it still works, just tried with priya this morning when i saw

New features new bugs…help each other to figure them out…god knows scopely wont help


Theyre busy counting the pancake money they are getting from the 5* weapon wheel from the suckers… I mean whales and will buy extra pancakes with the money from the s class they will drop soon

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I’m not beta and have it. It seems to work and not work. I did a raid and daze wouldn’t work yet arena it was idk but daze is gone for mine also and non beta.

I’m in beta and it’s showing the right thing

I noticed this as well. Was gonna make a post but figured someone else would notice and make one.

Lol I was hoping the same but didn’t see it, thought maybe it was not noticed. Just want to bring it to attention of something not working. I’ve heard other things too but nothing I’ve experienced yet.

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Just quit the game :joy: best thing I’ve ever done :shushing_face:

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Michonne gold katana slot 3 no works to.

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@DEFIANT368 - Thanks for reaching out directly to me. We have pushed the version 22.0 last week that should solve most of the issues encountered previously. Can you tell me if this issue is still happening?

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