6* Pete - First S-Class with 6,300 base stats

Pete comes into the game as the first S-Class character - 6,300 Base stats most powerful medic rush in the game and a constant 40% heal to all active skill that cleanses maim and gives AP to self. I did a poll with my recent Governor video release for how long until people thought this jump would be - the votes came in at 3.85 months - in reality it was 13 days, less than 0.5months.

What makes this an even bigger joke is the balance, right now, between F2P and promo. There has been a grand total of 15 F2P Gen 2 6* characters since Gen 2’s dropped at Christmas and that includes Piper, Roxie and the recent terrible ascendables Sawyer and Jackson.

S-Class characters, beginning of the end?

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  • No

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I really appreciate your videos, keep up the good work.

However the beginning of the video got me thinking. You said something like: “if you spend 2k you should get the 5*”

I happened to watch “Let’s go whaling” yesterday. It basically covers lots of different strategies used to monetise games, many of those are implemented in RTS aswell.

That sentence up there just shows how far Scopely has pushed this, how irrationally high these toons are valued.
Honestly, if I’d spend 2k on a game, I’d expect to get literally all the toons, not just a frigging single one. Absolutely crazy. And scary at the same time.


Sad part is Roxie was not fully F2P :pensive:


He’s not that great. 6200 compared to the 5300 is nice but once you start addiding mods and weapons it’s not as big difference. The ar is neat but unless you’re not using a decap the revive w/ shield shouldn’t be a big problem. You’ll just either have to kill him fast if you want to use maim or go a different strat

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But you have to take into account that S-Class toons can use mods too.

And even if they couldn’t, mods will only get you halfway to the stats of Pete or future S-Class.


New S Class toon sews the head back.

At this point I would love to see them release S toons on a weekly basis. Would be funny seeing people cry for competition after they spending thousands each week to get the S toon. 90% of the time they war against gen1 6stars… Spending thousands to use your best toons against similarly strong opponents 2% of the time in a month seems a very good deal :joy::joy::joy:


I think you are wrong. The difference between a 6* at max T3 and max T4 is somewhere around 200 statpoints. That’s probably not too much of a difference (and a fair share of players would argue against this statement).

However, s-toons can also apply mods, so the difference in stat points doesn’t get smaller. And the point you completely neglect, is that these 900 base stats scale with leader skills.

Example: if he had additional 200 ATT, 200 DEF and 500HP (what equals 900 statpoints) he’d end up with additional 280 DEF and and 700 HP behind an Erica lead. That’s boils down to a difference of 1180 statpoints.

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Another thing I forgot to mention: Maim won’t help you much because he can cure it.

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Out of everything they have messed up or done this year alone, and not counting previous FK ups or attempts to exploit the playerbase over the past few years, this right here is the thing that broke the camels back and maybe quitting is the best action to take, the game isn’t fun anymore and this S Class seems to signal a company lacking in any more ideas or creativity and are now just ramping up to outright extort more money and organs before a likely eventual shutdown and the IP returns to the better company Skybound.


@GR.Scopely pls just do a war where 1-3 get a toon and the other facs get a war wheel and than make the toon highly op than make 3rd get the ascendable 2nd get the 6* 1st get the max 6* done and this evewnt will be good and make the wheel good too

I personally feel like they are trying to add to much to the game too fast. S-class, bide, slow, payback, dual specialist. All this has come sense the war of champs, theses no additions to the game seem like get rich quick schemes honestly. They are really trying to milk this toc as i have predicted.

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If he’s the only one, I don’t really consider it a big deal… if these s class characters are the new norm and another one comes out next week… :v:t2::v:t2::v:t2:


Hey we just got a free disarm tho, we good, right…right…crickets I actually can’t wait to see what comes next . My guess would be combining outlast/ payback and then the s version having those two plus bide for the coup de grace

They have basically opened up a new avenue. Make a toon and also can sell the s class version of it too every promo.

Lol. 6* Pete AS: His AS better trigger for healing and not just maim or I’ll be annoyed

S-Class Pete AS: I take back everything I ever said.

Probably depends on how many idiots buy him. If they make ass tons of money then of course SClass will become the new norm

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Exactly dual specialist was too complicated and required a lil too much rng and money. Ive rarely seen roxie unless everyone is hiding her.

hes like a 7*…the never ending OP repease toons…