6* Pamela with 3 Turn Taunt to 2

Pamela is the next promo and she has a powerful rush, 3 turn taunt to 2 is not joke and on a DEF or ATT team could lock down those characters. Elusive is a great bonus if you run a shield and she will work great next to the recently released Eric.

Some downsides are her leader skill and that her active could pop when you wouldn’t want it to. But she makes up for it with a good base attached weapon and being a generation 2 6* she also boasts the highest DEF stat in the game.

Pamela, would she work for you?

  • Yes
  • Nope

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Would work perfect in my set up with my trusty Carl

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She is :poop:


Alice will be waiting on her :smiling_imp:


Secretly saying she is **** to turn people away from her so he can have her… I’m on to you sir… I got an eye on you mister! An eye I tell ya with an o u


Thats the whale tactic lol every super good toon ive seen them all say they are :poop: hoping others wont pull for her then they can be like muhahahaha!

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She looks beast tho! Stun when being attacked, taunt for 3 turns, insane defense, she has lots of control and is a tank. Most run stun and impair resist, ive been using taunt and confuse more and its been working great. I think her with ajax and kal can be a nasty team with non stop taunt

Lol nah she really does suck tho.

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All the whales except for @Kodak_black cause he is f2p ofc

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Ya know it F2P FOR LIFE


Scopely forgot to slap revive on her smh


Exactly what I was thinking.

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They must have made too much money lately with promos especially with this disarm offer and said fuk it they will still buy it.:joy::joy::rofl:

pamera gabriel erica solange or violet ajax

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new legendary kill olds.

Struggling to properly place her as a defensive lead.

Might fit better behind Dante or Eric. In that case I’d prefer a specialist skill over a lead skill.

Pamela (lwad) boast the best control to date (3tx2T).
Unique red/green defensive lead
Erica/gab/violet are solid options

weapon… Not a fan, rather stun atk
Might not use her as a lead (empty special)

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The First Generation version of her was Rosita


Her and Cole behind eric could be an annoying combo. Both taunt three toons.

AKA Pa-meh-la


Just think you gotta get her triggering faster. But this is a big compromise. At this point there are ap/atk leads for every trait. So you need to head them off rather than waiting for rushes to happen.

That’s where I’m struggling atleast at top tier play.

I think she will be very effective in mid tier play.

Overall I think she’s in 80th percitle regarding usability across all tiers. I try to manage my roster to the 90th percitle.

Of course I could be wrong. Just a view.

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