6* Olivia who brings new ability 'Slow' into the game

6* Olivia comes into the game with a brand new ability ‘Slow’ which increases the AP cost of a characters rush by a set %, in Olivia’s Active Skills case it will be 55%.

What do you think of Olivia?

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Going to watch the vid now because I enjoy them but honestly if it’s a premiere toon I pretend it doesn’t even exist at this point.

I Couldn’t care less and I will never spend a dime on a .2-.4% chance. That’s just asinine.

Where’s our ascendables scipley?


I haven’t kept up with like the last 8 new skills lol


I guess we just need to wait and see

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Idk why players spend for defense. Just another toon to break zach. First doc Stevens with impair and taunt, then raven with elusive and if that’s not enough now comes the confuse. Smh.


I wish i was not broke lately and had money to waste.



Don’t we all wish we had that problem but still I wouldn’t waste it here. There are a million other things you could do with it and all of them would be a hell of a lot more fun.

Xbox game pass only $10 a month and you get to choose from over 100 games to play. Amazon prime video is $10 a month and they have a ton of movies and tv shows to watch.

Here you get 2 3/4 pulls at 0.2% for the same amount. No value whatsoever.


So, characters that already have slow rushes are going to be even slower.

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U do not need stun resist tht much imo and thts coming from someone tht only has like 4 or 5 stun resist.

Olivia’s rush is quite powerful since it bypasses guardian shield buffs so the 85 ar is justifiable.

As for the new ailement Slow it does raise several questions but dealing with slow isn’t going to be much different from a situation with being stuck impaired for 3 turns. Being impaired for 3 turns could range up to 40 ap per turn x 3= 120 potential ap lost.

Slow most likely isn’t going to stack and can only be prolonged. Dealing with slow is going to be easier dealing with compaired to impair for several turns.

My question I wonder if focus is going to affect the slow status.

As for counters, ap boost rushes and actives are rushed based, so the gains will go accordingly the higher set rush limit. Doc stevens will probably be the #1 go to vs Olivia along with any cure all toons like Mackenzie and Zachary for curing slow.

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Slow is just the icing on the cake it’s everything else added together. First of all shes g2 which is always awesome. Then she confuses 4 and lowers their def by 50% for two turns and as if that’s not enough she gets 100% bonus hp. Her stats are alo pretty well balanced. You could easily use her on attack as well as defense.

Watch the video again and you will see the point is that with very little exception the p2w premiers are always far superior to what we all get f2p. @Lockdown is not wrong here.


P2p toons have always been superior. The nice things about the game is they release ways to get said premieres ftp months down the line for those lucky to get them in wheels.
I never paid for diego, and i was lucky to get him on the last war wheel.

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4 Star Olivia has come back to haunt us all, jesus christ.



Just wanted to say i love this community before Olivia drops and completely fuks us in the ass. If i never speak again just know :fu: Scopley…sike uk i love u greedy bastards :joy:

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Wow. That’s crazy. They needed to do something about Zach… But now imagine Facing Zach x2, Doc and her… Which the big spenders will most likely end up having.

Holy feck teets, batman.


These whales gonna need Lansino for them chapped udders.


Am I the only one thinking what would happen to Christia if she got slowed
… 200ap can be thing now right
Just like her ar at lvl 1/ 8 is 160

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What about the poor ftp that keep begging for toons? Where was the last time u made an event for ftp???huh