6* Mirabelle Active skill

Don’t know if this has been raised before but only just noticed this. 6* Mirabelle’s Active skill (remove stun) is not charging up when fighting walkers in Tournament Road. Should this be the case?

probably you used up it in previous levels. Using active skilks persists through levels afaik.

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Thanks, but I’ve never used it at all during TR. It shows fully charged in human stsges, but completely empty throughout walker stages. None of the bars fill. Wierd.

Post us some pics if possible.

I’ve just started Act II of the weapon roadmap and saw that the Erika ally had her active skill bars fill when attacking walkers. So I the put Mira on my team and her active skill bars filled too. So this bug is only on TR? But a faction mate says that his Mira works normally.

I’ve finished TR, but if I have time I’ll go back and try for a screenshot.

Here it is.

6* Guardian Zeke and 6* Mira on the same team v walkers. After the same number of attacks Zeke’s active skill bar is full whilst Mira’s is empty. Both are at the same active skill level. A bug?

This is stage 21 of legendary TR by the way.

Did you Autoplay any of the early stages, where the game may have used them for you?

This is how it works on SR, no recharge, it’s kinda fine since SR is super easy with 6* anyway. Zeke for almost every stage

No, I never autoplay SR or TR.

So it works for Zeke but not Mira?

You are correct. It does not charge at times. I reached out to support over a month ago.

Some times it works other times it does not and it will not work for the entire event.

You current use poll is 0 (that number just beside the bar), so if you can’t use it anymore, it won’t fill up.

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Thank you CombatDevil. I understand the mechanic now, but that doesn’t explain the fact that I hadn’t used that active skill throughout the entire TR until then. Mira’s active skill is 2/8, is that making the diffetence?


Well, if it is starting TR with 0 uses, that would be an issue. @CombatMan could you test it?

It’s In tornament survival road, the active skill will not reset from each stage to the next.
it’s been like this for a while I just assumed it was part of the programming easiest way to test is by shiva, you can only use his active skill 5 times in the whole tornament

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Just tested it on the daily road. Used recover stun on stage 2. On stage 3 her active skill would not charge at all.
edit: I also run into this problem with Shiva’s active skill as well

The active skill state is meant to be persist between stages of Survival Road, however it wasn’t necessarily intended to be persistent between tiers of a Survival Road Tournament, so that has been changed for 9.1. Active skill uses will reset when advancing to a new tier of a Survival Road Tournament


Thanks that’s good to hear, might start using them again

Unless the latest update has addressed this it is a bug. It has happened to me twice on two different tournaments. It never happens on the normal road maps. It does not happen to other 6* characters.

It never resets and never counts up as if locked from the start. Once the tourney is over back to normal.