6* Michonne can't be disarmed

Over the course of this war I saw numerous times that despite being hit with a critical, 6* Michonne can’t be disarmed herself. Took quite a few attempts to verify it wasn’t just a visual glitch as confuse doesn’t always proc, but see below:

It’s possible to disarm Bruce, so I’m assuming this is a bug.
Also, probably unrelated, but my Michonne’s weapon is fully modded and should have the camo pattern on it, but visually it’s still the unmodded version.

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Odd bet its due to her weapon being a non-craftable special. If so I’d suspect the Romanov taunt to also not be disarmable.

Certainly a bug or unintended ‘feature’


Toons with special weapons have there wepons appear legendary at t4 no matter if legendary or not

Disarm affects defence special, michone has an attacking special so she won’t be disarm. Much like green stun won’t be disarm

No, disarm is immune to defense special but will disable any conditional weapon effect- stun/impair on atk, leech life, anything. I’ve never been stunned by a green disarmed character, nor seen the +35 crit text appear on a modded crit weapon etc.

@Mysterion my problem is that my weapon, modded like so:

During a raid, should look like this:

But instead looks like this:

Yeah that’s cuz your mich t3
It’s how every special wepon works


A fixed weapon doesn’t change it’s aesthetics with the armory. It changes with the character tier. If you tier 4 that Michonne, the weapon will change it’s aesthetics also, regardless of the actual weapon status.

It’s possible to have the aesthetics of a legendary weapon on an unmodded fixed weapon.

Weird, I’ve never noticed that before. Thanks both for the info!

Yep, bug.
Will get fixed!

Thanks for noticing and posting guys!


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