6* Michelle Gameplay & Build Guide

First attack character in a while that is going to be available to a lot of people so hopefully this is of some use! Having a lot of fun playing with Michelle attack teams (first time in a long time in raids etc.)

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I came up with an ‘Assassin’ build last week to take out Tough characters as quick as possible with the thought process being people would have a high damage dealing Alert character in the same team to take care of the Strongs.

After managing to get Michelle’s weapon upgraded decided to get a bit of gameplay with the above character builds as well as the two team builds I have access to. Both work really well, even the Mira/Zeke combo one which I think will be a bit more accessible to most.


I would be enjoying her if I hit just about every milestone on everything.


didn’t have to hit every milestone, I had a lot of excess. I only hit 1.25mil in lvlup 2-3 times I think as well (hence low mod claims)


I still cant find good attack team with her :disappointed: Dont have yellow/red decap and disarm. Only behind HS jesus i can win some raids but not many. What team you use guys? Without disarm/decap?
I have yellow shiva. I tried with red madison, romanov, donny, mira, guardian zeke and nik
I have stun resist mods and impair but Its still weak against Eric and 4greens with stun :confused:
Please share your teams with no decap/disarm
For now against Eric i use blue team behind shield jesus. More wins but too slow :disappointed:

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at the end of the gameplay video I did like 5-6 raids with Michelle Red Mirabelle, G2 Zeke, Kate and Decap Sandy. you could use Red Gov/Bryan/Charlie instead of Sandy and you could swap Mira with Jesus if you preferred

Fell short with sewing kits and scalpels. Oh well. Got a load of gold mods.

Nice team

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Sometimes i see people with her and full yellow team, no decap and disarm and They kill Eric with greens almost without scratch, damn… i need free unequip event again :joy:

I will keep trying.

Thanks Lockdown, love your videos, always wanted to say Hello ! :wink::+1:

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Didn’t hit it once because of lack of gear.

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No, my bad, I hit it 1 time.

Ok I tried a lot options. If one team is good against someone then is weak against others. I cant build universal team witch michelle lead. Did 50+ duels… I give up witch michelle :disappointed:

Do you max every 6* you have or what?

I loveeeeee her. Wrecking every team with that, if needed i still can switch with sandy decap or davie for a fun bleeding team.

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I would if I had the gear. Can’t even ascend any characters because what’s the point without gear?

I mainly leveled 5* to get there, I just farm the roadmap a lot to keep those gear numbers up

Too bad I didn’t have many 5 stars until after the event had ended (Green tokens gave me 7 and an ascendable so that would have been helpful if it was earlier in the event).

If you at least have the gear for tier 3 then it’s worth it for the points. Along with that, you can still viably run many 6*s at tier 3.

Thing is I don’t really have the gear for any of the characters to go tier 3 (well maybe for reds, though I don’t think I have any reds I can ascend/level up). I don’t have too much to spend on gear in leagues.

Im in a similar situation, I’ve got almost no league tokens for gear. But I guess Im not struggling as much as some people possibly because I only ascend and level characters when Ive got the liliths and ulysess. In fact, I just ran out of gold medals for ascension at 38 6* in total. I do have a few I regret ascending and levelling though because I never use them. Wish we could take all the resources we put into a character and use them for something else. And to stop people from exploiting it for leveling tourneys the character still technically has all of the experience to bring it back up, but you’d just have to cough up the gear and liliths and ulysess you used.

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If anything it’s just a fun team to raid with now. Beta may not make much sense but he controls very well in this setup.