6* Michelle, Eric Defense Killer - F2P or P2P?

New event has started up, The Whisperer event, however not much information is available but the assumption with what we have been given is each of the different collections will be obtainable in different tournaments. So far we know that levelups give dynamite… a total of 1,025 in fact which means you should be able to obtain potentially 10K+ during the course of the event itself.

Michelle however needs a low counter item, the walker masks, to get her and it is unclear where these are found. The inbox message does not fully break down how the event works and the initial advertisement for the event also promotes being able to claim Michelle as a 5* ascendable but in the museum she is claimable as a straight up 6*

Do you think Michelle will be F2P or P2P?

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When it comes to Michelle herself she is a direct counter to the Eric Def teams and something that F2P desperately need - generation 2 offensive characters. It is a massive bonus that she has a very good leader skill as well.


If she was going to be P2W she would still have absolute defence on her weapon from when she was leaked lol


I presume the mod items will all be represented by level up, raid, SR, war (?). If not war, one will be in roadmaps. Then then I worry where that leaves the walker masks…

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Actually I think 400 bleeds is better than absolute defense , if you know what you looking for

Absolute defence does nothing for you on attack lol, loving the white Shiva replica weapon on her!

Your missing something here bro

She was datamined about a year ago, I’d be surprised if she wasn’t changed from her inital leak.

Eric killer was alice cough cough :joy::joy:

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If Michelle ends up being a F2P event, Davie just became more interesting.


It makes sense that davie is the top level up prize with michelle around the corner and the meta going into a more damage based defense. All these teams that can quickly take out time out teams arent built to take much damage.
This is a nice big step offering some nice leads to the community. It feels like it could be similar to the decap/disarm event. Alot of grinding and possibly some purchases of crates in game. By now anyone whose competitive in this game should have training grounds constantly running and if you dont you should. All these events are relying heavily on hitting milestones.

But how its going go be this michelle FTP? Maybe we all can get the other stuff from tourneys, raids, and those mask?

I have a $20 us offer for 1 mask, so michelle will cost $140 ?

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Offers always sell event items, regardless of its availability.So it means nothing just because masks are offered via offers at the moment.

In-game message wasn’t descriptive, only stating we can get them via exclusive roadmaps and tournaments, so time will tell.

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Why don’t they just tell us, Scopely always keep you in the dark, it’s so shady, be open and let us know

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Unfortunately I think youre right

Like those exclusive roadmaps that they give to the survival club members :thinking:

Your making the assumption that each mask will cost 20$. They almost always have a starter pack in the offere. They did for the choose your side, the disarm/decap event, and prior ones. We have no idea yet.
Not to say scopley shouldnt give us info about the event but id suggest waiting before assuming they will charge 140$…

And you are making the assumption that maybe just maybe, scopely will give us some cheaper offers or maybe some mask for free?

He’s not making that assumption. Here’s merely stating that we’re jumping to conclusions without waiting. If it ends up being P2W, no one will state otherwise. But for now, we don’t know whether it is.

Im not assuming anything except we don’t know what the event entails yet so no reason to jump out the door and say it’s p2p from a starter pack offer that they have for all events recently p2p or f2p

Scopely will always offer a way for players to claim the special prize early by spending. That has absolutely no bearing on whether the event or toon is F2P. If you want something early, pay for. No different then when they sold snowballs for Solange.

It is way too early in this event for us to know whether it is going to be F2P or not.

Either way Scopely will never tell us if an event is completely F2P because they will risk possible sales.