6* Mia, 2.5K Maim + Revives - more of the same?

Personally, if you have him, I’d chuck a Zach in for a Negan. 1 Negan is already preventing multiple different types of rush.
Gratz btw.

Wtaf… :flushed::flushed::flushed:

I have 4 zachs. But the 2 negans are there to prevent line decap by blue tyreese. Anyway I’ll test this first. I feel there’s enough maim and damage in the team because of Mia and donny.
Negan also complements by adding hp to make decap ping by normal attacks more difficult… Again, I’ll test it and just move teams around

The Fast and Alert combo grows Super Nova now Donny Lead With Zach, Raven,Doc Stevens, Negan and now Mia combo will be near impossible to beat, the majority of this community needed a curveball months ago now the gap is near unrepairable as things stand, The stranglehold though is simple it does not turn a profit to release legacies so this company will churn out these Overpowered Characters to entice spenders as always to drop an arm or leg to get them. They never listen to anything the playerbase actually wants and it will continue until this game ceases its own existence.


No one going to comment on the dabbing cat…?

Use blues like mich and konrad and julie, easy

hell yea dude if you don’t have 5 you are definitely doing it wrong.

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She’s still alive when she uses her AR so, no she shouldn’t. If she can then that would be horrible design.

Might as well use Erika in case she gets revived lol. Bonus hp.

She’s a great toon but will rely heavily on her resist mods against the P2P. The f2p certainly need some new legacies for her.

she is more like the other side of the freaking insane zachary, if i’m rich enough i’ll take her.

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Meh when even pull if it’s not 25k

Hardly any game fun that really free 2 play. Sadly if want to not spend as much go play on a Xbox or Ps4. Every mobile game going have advantages if you spend. Sorry

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Just cc her or kill her 1st, not sure what’s the big fuss around her. I mean she’s good but she’s no negan/zach/raven/doc/olivia

I voted for “perfectly balanced” because in sciples eyes she absolutely is. :wink:

Anytime a toon that is released and the first thought is that 2 would be super cheesy, the toon is cranked too high. Its lazy design and does nothing to help diversity or the game. Double raven, double olivia, double negan, double mia, double zack in 2 months…the trend is garbage. Oh and right 1 OG ascendable for the entire game in the past 100+ days.

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