6* Mercer with New Unique Active Skill

6* Mercer makes it into the game with a mega tanky rush for himself and a team mate and one of the most unique active skills in the game that potentially means he will never do a basic attack and thus, never proc’ing on Def specials in the process.

Mercer’s Active Skill, what do you think?

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Vitality plus that weapon is a very strong combo. Throw health mods on him and you’re set. This guy’s an absolute monster.


why would i will not like something new !!

  1. Good to see a pain split that isn’t just a liability. Pairing defense buff with painsplit is a great extension of the ability which has largely been a disappointment.

  2. Overall doesn’t move the bar. May take a turn or 2 more to put him down, but he won’t be doing much while that happens.

  3. Donny lead with beta could be very interesting. But not gonna put the eny. Down that way. Will just add a few auto-rounds to the battle.


they disappointed me by not making him a shield. I don’t care really cuz I wouldn’t have pulled but he just deserves to be a shield lol

Tbh, nobody should be giving thier skrilla to scopely. Lol. Do you give your dog a treat if it bites you? Yeah. I thought not.

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Hell yeah I do.

Get off my leg you you stupid mutt!

Then I give him to the neighbors kids to take care of him.

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He definitely moves the bar if the team built around him is an already incredibly solid defense. He doesn’t help a weak defense, but he’ll make a strong defense stronger. Plus he has an adaptable play style when used on attack. He can be used as a sturdy offensive toon or a purely defensive healer.

Strong defense doesn’t exist atm.

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What’s 100% more hp? Is it bonus hp? Can it trigger back to back turns to get him 200% more? Weird choice of words. Wouldn’t his vitality active every turn. So every turn he gains an extra 100% hp?

I could be wrong. Even with 1 turn cd on his active. It still takes 1 turn to build. So he can’t use his active every turn. I believe it’s every other turn on the active.

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Still number one. Lol.

Defense is all about disruptions not how tanky a toon is.

I suppose it becomes a question of what you’re defending against. Being a very light premium player with a solely ftp roster, from my point of view, what makes a strong defense is being able to counter the available freemium toons. A premium attack team will always make short work of any defense.

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Players who will pull Mercer already don’t have a hard time defending the freemium toons though.

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You make a fair point there, though I think Mercer has the potential to defend against shiva and Shawn better than other yellow toons might. If he can survive the turn, he’ll heal himself. He doesn’t have the drawback of being worn down over time that other yellow tanks have.

I don’t like him just bc he’s crazy OP and I’ll never get him.


I think if he recovers 200 hp from his vitality, his weapon trait triggers and makes it 400, so it would just match the heal

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Mercer is kinda pointless . Would be different if he was a shield. Or has a revive active skill.

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Yea. I mean… if Lydia rushes and gives the 75 defense buff, automatic flee for the f2p. I’m still curious to see how he works with his vitality and his weapon. If it’s every turn.