6* Martinez with 3,000 Bleed Rush

The first Martinez in 6* form has been released and he has a massive bleeding rush that is 600 damage for 5 turns, with a heal block on top unless cleansed that is a guaranteed kill. Add to that a lacerator skill and he can either double his own rushes bleed damage each turn or someone elses.

Bleed damage is generally not powerful enough to be of a massive concern and although there will be faster options this character synergizes well with the recent whisperers event character, Michelle and could be a good character to attempt to get for someone who has limited resources.

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Imagine this guy with a hemo toon on negan tank, Furget bout it

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Five turns? That’s so silly. I mean nobody is pulling for a toon for FÃ.


Think he has bleed protection and you’d have to take out the other components to. But I get what you were thinking.

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lol i have in the past … but there are some uses, you kind of have to force players who know you use him to use a bleed recovery or mod toon … but unless its a decap the point is quite mute

no decap, no sale for me nowadays

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